2018 Moreton Bay Food and Wine Festival

So, the Join the Adventure team (us), sat on a couch. A very nice couch thanks to Platinum Event Hire.

However, this was to experience the launch of the 2018 Moreton Bay Food and Wine Festival.

This festival is expected to be an opportunity to explore Moreton Bay’s finest food, wine and entertainment at the inaugural Moreton Bay Food & Wine Festival on 8th – 9th September 2018.

According to Moreton Bay Region Industry and Tourism (MBRIT) and the Moreton Bay Regional Council, this weekend-long celebration hosted along the Redcliffe Seaside Village will feature unique dining experiences, cooking demonstrations, celebrity chefs, hands-on workshops, food trucks, dining precincts, pop-up bars, market stalls and more.

The Moreton Bay Food and Wine Festival is free to enter, and patrons can enjoy an extensive program of entertainment on offer including a line-up of live music and performers all weekend, plus roving entertainers and the GKS Lawyers fireworks display on Saturday night.

Many of the restaurants along the Redcliffe foreshore will offer specialty menus for the event and some will host special ticketed events or workshops over the weekend.

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WIN a CAR and Support Education of Young People

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Podcast Transcript

Andrew:Thank you for your company once again. Look we’re at St Columban’s College. We’re having a little bit of a chat here, as you know, the young people to come up through the schooling systems, they’re our next generation and they can quite often be responsible for the future of our country. Somebody that’s doing something about it, Heather Depasquale, she is the business manager for St Columban’s College, and you’ve started an innovative programme, one of the first in this area.

Heather:That’s correct Andrew. Thanks again for having me on the show. St Columban’s did launch a bursary fund earlier this year, and the whole purpose behind that bursary fund is to make St Columban’s more accessible to those kids who may not otherwise afford to be able to come to the College.

Andrew:Yeah, and there can be a whole range of challenges that can be presented in front of parents that are thinking about their education for their children, and it’s generally always accepted that parents want the absolute best for their children, finances can be one of those challenges that they need to take into account. I recall you saying recently that somebody that came through a similar programme that wasn’t as formal as what you’re putting together now, resulted in an awesome success.

Heather:Yes, we had a fantastic success with a past student, who went on to be an Olympic gold medallists in the Rugby 7’s. So she was a recipient of a bursary that our past student body put together, and they were exceptionally proud to see her success, even years down the track, after she left the College, they were incredibly proud.

Andrew:To tell the community just how important, maybe the decision is around secondary college, and more so with St Columban’s College. What’s the culture that you see with this college, particularly around the students and the parents?

Heather:I think the best thing that I’ve observed in my time at the College is the strongest community that I’ve ever seen in my life. I think that’s typical of Caboolture in its broader sense but it is really amazing the amount of parents that get behind the College to facilitate support around the Saturday Sporting Programme that we run, to facilitate our Music Excellence Programme and support of the arts, but also who engage in their students’ learning and they really want to understand how it is that their kid can get the most opportunity from being at the College, and that happens via the various pathways that we’ve got and we get a lot of people who come in and they say “Wow, look at all that you can offer, this is just amazing.”

Andrew:And you mentioned Caboolture in a broader context, now you believe so much in Caboolture you’ve recently moved here.

Heather:I have indeed, I’ve also just joined the Rotary Club of Caboolture, so I am very passionate about giving back to the community, and I just love what I’ve seen at St Columban’s because there’s a lot of like minded people who do that.

Andrew:Well these you go, and Rotary is very, very active throughout Caboolture, in fact one of the studios at the radio station, in fact going right back to the radio station even coming about, was largely thanks to Rotary. Now funds, that’s exactly what they need. They need funds, and there’s quite a creative way to doing that for this year, can you take us through that?

Heather:So this year we’ve run an Art Union, or running an Art Union. Ticket sales for that close on the 20th of October. We’re actually raffling off a Toyota Yaris, which is an automatic, and the winner gets to choose their colour. Then there’s a $2,000 travel voucher for second prize, and then we’ve got four $250 debit cards for third through to sixth prizes.

Andrew:Yeah, and you can head to the St Columban’s College Facebook page, and if you look at a video there, there’s a bit of an Attenborough impersonation, it’s quite awesome and a lot of effort put in there, and I believe the colour upfront that people are sort of suggesting so far has been red. But they can get any colour, they can choose the look of the vehicle that they can drive out with.

Heather:That’s correct. So any of the current models that are supplied through Martin Jonkers, who has been very supportive in the College, and also this Art Union. He’ll be able to help you out with your colours, there’s blues, there’s yellows. Yeah so, I think red’s best though, so.

Andrew:Oh, that’s becoming a general consensus. Look thank you very much for your time with our listeners.

Heather:No worries. It’s been a pleasure, thank you Andrew.


Everyone is Invited to the Concert Band Spectacular

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Podcast Transcript

Andrew:Thank you for your company once again. Look we’re at St Columban’s College and they’re doing something quite innovative. It’s been going for a few years now. It’s all about showcasing the talent of children, but there are many other benefits. To have a chat about it, we’re with Greg McCormack. Greg, how are you?

Greg:I’m well thanks Andrew.

Andrew:Great. Tell us all about the concert band spectacular.

Greg:Well the concert band spectacular is an amazing opportunity for students from all across southeast Queensland to come over here to St Columban’s College in Caboolture to showcase their talents. Be that through the concert band or the many different ensembles. Right the way from this year we’ve got some recorder ensembles, strings, brass, woodwind and percussion as well as a whole heap of other wonderful music groups here to showcase their talents. We’ve got a mixture of age groups right the way from early years primary school up to right the way senior, grade 12 high school. So a very vast range of students and different abilities. All coming to showcase what they can do and to also engage in the music abilities of other like minded musicians.

Andrew:Yeah you’ve mentioned that you’ve got school children coming from all across Southeast Queensland. So some of them are travelling some sort of a distance. For a young person that has this as an experience, how does it enhance their experiences going through school and maybe with their musical talents but also elsewhere.

Greg:The co-curricular and the instrumental music programs run so well together within the school along with their actual curriculum capabilities. It helps to teach our students the ability to socialise with others as well as to multitask and work on those more intricate skills they have in life. Like time management with their assessment and keeping everything up to date while meeting all of their other needs throughout their schooling career and their schooling life.
It’s just an absolutely fantastic opportunity. Students really love having that opportunity to be able to express themselves creatively. Whether that be through music or through the arts in another way. It’s an area that they don’t always have an opportunity when they’re here at school to be able to really express themselves. So the co-curricular programme in schools is vital for students to be able to really get the most out of their education.

Andrew:Greg, you mentioned assessment on a day there will be Judges present. What are they looking for?

Greg:Adjudicators here on the day will be looking for the ability that our students have and that all the students have for their musicianship. Whether it be through being able to play together as a group. So you’ve got the consistency across the ensemble. Their technique with their individual instruments. Some of them are playing more than one instrument at a time or across the different ensembles which is absolutely fantastic to see. Their ability to follow the conductor is a big thing as well as their rhythm and their notation.

Andrew:Now this is open to the public and this is quite exciting. Is this likely to be and entertaining day for say somebody in the southeast region that might want to make the trip and check this out?

Greg:Oh absolutely. We’re going to have some absolutely amazing groups here performing. Particularly when we come up to the end of our Saturday programme where we have our more experienced students with the jazz programme and the secondary concert bands. They are going to be absolutely outstanding performances. We also have a lot of amazing performers within our primary school area as well that you just will be absolutely stunned with what they can produce at such a young age.

Andrew:Now for people that want to find out more information about this, how do they best do that?

Greg:Some of the best ways to keep in contact with what we’re doing is via our concert band spectacular website. We also do have our concert band spectacular Facebook page which you’re able to, it’s a public group, easily able to locate that if you just search for concert band spectacular. We are keeping all of those avenues updated as we go along. Another way to find out some more information is just to contact the school here at St Columban’s College in Caboolture.

Andrew:As far as the cultural perspective goes, bringing different people together where they may have different sub-cultures just within a different schools, is there a benefit to the students to have that experience as well?

Greg:Oh absolutely. It really brings everyone together whether they are the sporty kid, whether they are the artsy kid, the academic one. The ability to play an instrument is so universal and it’s something that they all have in common. Everyone who has every picked up an instrument feels that bond to each other. They really do enjoy what they do.

Andrew:Greg McCormack. What time and place?

Greg:So it is here at the St Columban’s College in Caboolture. We’ll be running in the Mary Mackillop Performance Centre starting at 9:00 in the morning both on Friday the 13th and Saturday the 14th of October.

Andrew:Thank you for spending some time with our listeners.

Greg:Looking forward to seeing you there.