DROUGHT and FIRE: Farmers Need Your Help More Than Ever

Drought and fires are lashing many parts of Australia with devastating effect. This is true for Stanthorpe and the Granite Belt, however, against all odds, the community is fighting for its very survival as the area runs dry of water. For Russell Wantling, it was a chance encounter with a family undertaking a third-world-country act that kicked him into gear ...

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Lizzie Adams to Stand in Toowoomba Region 2020 Council Election

Goolburri Aboriginal Health Advancement CEO, Lizzie Adams has announced she will be running as a candidate for the Toowoomba Regional Council in the 28 March 2020 election. The mother who has been involved in Aboriginal affairs since she was 17, says she will stand on a platform of giving ‘a voice to the most vulnerable and disadvantaged people of the ...

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