Moreton Bay Region Councillor Declares Perceived Real Estate Conflict of Interest

In a recent Moreton Bay Regional Council meeting, Councillor for Division 11, Darren Grimwade declared a ‘perceive conflict of interest’.

The conflict of interest declared was in relation to Cr Grimwade being a Director of Grimwade Property Group, which according to Australian Business Register and Australian Securities and Investment Commission records was registered on Friday, 16 November 2018.

However, Cr Grimwade said he has “considered his position and is firmly of the opinion that he could participate in the debate and recommendation on the matter in the public interest”.

The other councillors agreed with Cr Grimwade and allowed him to participate in the agenda item relating to Council enforcing current real estate sign laws or reviewing their present laws.

Ultimately, Cr James Houghton was the only councillor to vote against the recommendation.

Moreton Bay Regional Councillor Registers Grimwade Property Group