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Moreton Bay Regional Council Deputy Mayor to Resign

“Therefore, it is with a heavy heart, some anxiety, and a level of distress that I announce my resignation effective Wednesday, 20 October 2021.”

Moreton Bay Regional Council Deputy Mayor, Denise Sims, will resign from her role as deputy mayor and councillor effective Wednesday, 20 October 2021.

The much loved deputy mayor, who was first elected in 2016, announced her resignation in a video, citing personal health reasons.

Denise Sims Statement

I am extremely grateful that I have had the privilege to serve you as both a councillor and deputy mayor in the Moreton Bay Regional Council.

Therefore, it is with a heavy heart, some anxiety, and a level of distress that I announce my resignation effective Wednesday, 20 October 2021.

Please understand that I have given everything, evidently more than I could have to the community and everyone in it.

From the bottom of my heart, thank you to those that voted for me, friends from long ago and more recent, and to my family that have not only unwaveringly supported me, but sacrificed so much. I am in your debt.

Together, we have accomplished so much. First and foremost, creating a more kinder, more human, more caring council. Which I hope in turn, creates a more family centric Moreton Bay region.

Other accomplishments that come to mind include:
• Now having a way forward for the Dakabin Rail Underpass – to the upgrade of the whole length of Old Gympie Road from Boundary to Anzac Ave, over the next eight or so years, commencing soon.
• The regions first bike pump track ready to be delivered next financial year in Blatchford Reserve Murrumba Downs.
• The Kallangur Dakabin Neighbourhood plan, where the Kallangur township will get some attention – which community members will be part of.
• One of my most rewarding wins would have to be with local parks – the 33 park upgrades or installations last term, and another 18 this term.

I am really looking forward to friends and families being able to come together with amenities that nurture real community.

In public life, I have always put honesty and compassion into everything I have done. Every fight for what you believe in, comes at a cost to you and those you love.

To be vulnerably honest with you right now, I am currently receiving professional help. Having started this journey, I would encourage anyone struggling personally to do the same.

For me, it started with the question, “am I normal?” The answers aren’t immediate, this is a journey.

With this in mind, I have given a great deal of consideration, along with my beautiful and supportive family, to the position I find myself in with relation to the duties of councillor and deputy mayor.

My role comes with generous leave entitlements, or flexibility, but it has been my experience that to serve as a councillor effectively, you have to give everything 24 hours a day, seven days a week. You must always be present.

Therefore, it is not fair to the community to give anything less than my resignation at this time.

For the near future, I wish for a replacement councillor that will serve and love this community. To the other councillors and mayor, I wish you all the best, and give every support to you in your future endeavours around nurturing a kind, or humane council.

For now, thank you.