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Moreton Bay Tough Launches

The Moreton Bay Region has launched a campaign in defiance of the negative impacts the COVID-19 pandemic is having on their local businesses and broader community called Moreton Bay Tough.

This initiative is a partnership between Moreton Bay Industry and Tourism (MBRIT), and Moreton Bay Regional Council, along with MBRIT business partners.

The Moreton Bay Tough campaign aims to cultivate the region’s community spirit by showcasing good-news stories of businesses and individuals, highlighting their resilience in the face of adversity.


MBRIT CEO, Shane Newcombe explained the reason the campaign is needed, in a joint letter with Moreton Bay Regional Council CEO, Greg Chemello.

“As you are aware the unfolding Coronavirus (COVID-19) global pandemic is having an unprecedented impact on our Moreton Bay Region including our local economy, local businesses and residents,” the joint letter outlined.

“Moreton Bay is home to 33,000 local businesses and we are seeing many that are being adversely impacted and are concerned about what the future holds.

“Our region’s economic development partnership led by Moreton Bay Regional Council (Council), Moreton Bay Region Industry and Tourism (MBRIT), Advance Queensland’s Innovate Moreton Bay program and RDA – Moreton Bay has been regularly engaging with local operators and working to keep them up-to-date with the latest information on relief and support initiatives available to them.

“On 25 March 2020 Council announced a $15 million local stimulus package, including mechanisms aimed at supporting local businesses and community clubs.

“Council officers are currently working on a second tranche support package, intended for consideration by the yet-to-be-finalised new Council as soon as practicable.

“MBRIT has also extended its internal employee assistance program to provide short-term, free counselling to businesses, primarily in the tourism and hospitality industry until the end of the financial year.

“More than 40 businesses are now registered to this program, including operators who employ hundreds of local staff.

“We’d encourage your office to stay up-to-date on these initiatives at

“We think you will agree that local business needs the support of our community more than ever before.

“That’s why Council and MBRIT are launching Moreton Bay Tough in the coming days.

“Moreton Bay Tough is a marketing campaign which will highlight inspiring stories from across the region to cultivate the region’s community spirit.

“The campaign is supported by MBRIT’s Business Partners including USC.

“It will showcase the good-news stories of businesses and individuals being resilient in the face of these difficult times.

“The campaign is designed to rally our community to support their local operators,” the letter states.