Time to Fix the Bribie Island Bridge Situation NOW!

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The Bribie Island bridge and surrounding road networks are regularly debilitated by the ever-increasing number of people traversing the bridge.

Over just 10-years, according to news reports, the number of motorists crossing the Bribie bridge has increased by 10,000 per day.

And this comes with the bridge being cut for up to hours at a time due to accidents, which happened just a week ago.

According to, a four-car pileup on the bridge to Bribie Island cut access to the area as thousands of revellers tried to make their way to a nearby music festival.

This backed up traffic all the way to the Bruce Highway and all over the island.

A Moreton Bay Regional Councillor, Adrian Raedel has spoken out about the ever-increasing risk to life due to the inadequate connection between Bribie Island and the mainland.

“The Bribie Island Bridge situation needs to be fixed now for a number of reasons including economic growth, reliability and (most importantly) safety,” Cr Adrian Raedel said in the video above.

“It isn’t good enough for the State Government to rely on normal calculations in relation to demand, when it comes to determining whether another bridge is required here.

“This is because, while economic impacts and reliability are important factors, they are no where near as important as safety.

“And with Bribie Island being one of the Moreton Bay Region’s foremost tourism destinations, this bridge has the potential to detrimentally impact more than just the locals on the island.

“It will only take one stunning summer weekend day, with the island swelling by thousands of people, a bush fire suddenly raging out of control (or some other natural disaster), people in turn panicking, leading to an accident on the one bridge connecting the island to the mainland, no one able to get off the island, for a large loss of life to occur.

“Meanwhile, proper investment in the infrastructure that connects Australia to Bribie Island and the road network back to the Bruce Highway, will certainly result in substantial economic benefits back to all the communities affected.

“I’m running for Mayor of the Moreton Bay Regional Council at the next council election and I’m making it my business to get this fixed.

“In the meantime, there is an upcoming federal election – and I’m calling on parties and candidates to commit to substantial funding of this State Government issue – just like they have with Young Crossing.

“It is time for all levels of government to come together and simply fix it… No more studies just fix it.”