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Ugly Wamuran Pump Station Turned Into Attractive Art

[mwVimeo video_id=’335014490′ width=’620′ height=’349′]
A water pump station located on Station Road, Wamuran has undergone beautification, featuring a steam train, pineapples, and bananas in acknowledgement of the town’s rich history.

Moreton Bay Regional Councillor, Adrian Raedel explained how he was the catalyst to have the grey besser-block eyesore painted and transformed into a vibrant piece of feature art.

“It started out, Unitywater had to build a pump station enclosure,” Cr Raedel explained in the video above.

“And they built this ugly, ugly grey box, it was a besser-block building.

“So, when we did the rail trail, and we started that process, and I was able to talk to Unitywater.

“And said to them, ‘Look, we’ve got this fantastic rail … We’ve got this great history of the rail trail and the rail to Kilcoy, we’re going to be showcasing it, there’s going to be an end facility, there’s the pergolas to go in, there’s landscaping to go in, and we finish at this ugly grey box. So Unitywater, is there something you can do about it?’

“…they came back and saw me and said, ‘Look, we think we can do an art project on it. How does that sound? Do you think that would be acceptable?’

“And look, there’s nothing else that I can say except, wow, doesn’t it look great?

“So, congratulations to Unitywater on doing a fantastic job.

“Thank you for taking the community along with you on the journey and for looking at their input,” Cr Raedel concluded.

Cr Raedel also invited Moreton Bay Region residents to get in contact with him if they know of a piece of ugly infrastructure, they would like to see aesthetically improved.