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McCarthy-Wood: Welcome to the What’s on in Toowoomba and Stanthorpe trueAU.NEWS weekly podcast with Toowoomba advocate Daryl Nicholson, who owns and runs Toowoomba 4350 TV and Stanthorpe 4380 TV.
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So, Daryl mate, how have you been going, what’s been happening across Toowoomba and Stanthorpe?

Daryl Nicholson: Massive weekend in town and here across the region and I’ve got to pay a tribute to the Toowoomba Chronicle, they do list in the paper every Saturday of top 10 things to do in Toowoomba, and even though you and I covered off last Monday or Tuesday about things coming up, I missed stuff. So I’m going to recap what’s happened over the weekend and then tell you what’s coming up this week. Because there were things I just missed.
In Clifton, the little township of Clifton just about 20, 30 minutes outside of Toowoomba, had a race day, their annual race day. Good crowds rolled up for that, so good to see community getting together, because we know the annual shows don’t really pull the people like they used to, but race days are a good community bonding thing, so they had good crowds at the Clifton race day.
My housemate, Ross, went out to Oakey, to the Oakey showgrounds for the Old Machinery Expo, so they had old machines from yesteryear on display and he said it was a great day there, good attendance there and two more people jumped in the car and went out there and of course Oakey people supported that. I didn’t get to it myself, but Ross said it was a great day.
It was Halloween here on a Saturday, it was crazy and [crosstalk 00:01:54] Toowoomba Hospital Foundation, every year, do a zombie walk. This is really crazy, people pay a fee, they all meet at Queens Park, they’re all dressed in Halloween gear and zombie gear. They’ve got axes in their head and blood dripping down. It’s like, what’s that show with the zombie with Daryl in it, I can’t think of the show. They’re all dressed up and then they walk down from Queens Park, down Margaret Street, into Grand Central and all around the place and that happened at three o’clock on Saturday. Really good fun and good fund raising for Alison Kennedy and the Toowoomba Hospital Foundation.

McCarthy-Wood: Do you have any idea on how many triple zero calls were made?

Daryl Nicholson: I live near the fire station, didn’t hear any alarms go off at three o’clock in the afternoon so that’s good.
DownsSteam Steam Day was on, on Saturday at the Steam Train there, enthusiasts, they do steam trains up and they just run a few mini carriages and that around the place. They had a great attendance there on Saturday.
I didn’t know this, but the Islamic community, opened all the mosques around Australia and they opened the one in Toowoomba, which unfortunately was a target of arson about three years ago, someone set the mosque on fire and it’s been rebuilt and they had an open day on Saturday and opened their doors right around Australia. I’m pretty sure Australians embraced the Islamic community on Saturday.
I jumped in the car on Sunday, I went out to the Blue Mountain Hotel. Have you been out there yet? Christopher’s Restaurant?

McCarthy-Wood: Every time we talk, you bringing up these new places, which means that we’ve got to make more trips into Toowoomba, which is a beautiful place, and check these places out.

Daryl Nicholson: Well, the Blue Mountain Hotel, iconic hotel on the north side of Ruthven Street, Toowoomba near Harlaxton, they had a fun day and car show. They had a couple of hundred cars there, there were [crosstalk 00:03:43] and all their bonnets were up. Guys with their t-shirts, you know, they just love their cars. They got their t-shirts on, the big beards and it was just a good day there. Then Christopher’s Restaurant was busy and they were having sausage sizzle outside and face painting and it was a really good, fun day for the community out there. That was on Sunday.
The Pioneer Village at Highfields, they had an open day on Sunday again, old tractors and old cars from yesterday and people get dressed up in their old clothes and apparently, according to the Chronicle, really good attendance out there as well.
Something close to my heart, homelessness. Nat Spary and Tiff Spary, they did Hike for Homeless. 1100 people took part on Saturday. 1100 people, yip. Amazing. So there was a choice of a 2km walk, 5km walk, 5km hike, 10km hike and a 20km hike. They paid a fee to do that and in today’s paper and the Chronicle’s saying over 50,000k was raised and online it’s dropped a figure of 75,000k and all those funds go to give people a hot meal every day. These homeless are struggling down at Base Services-

McCarthy-Wood: What beautiful evidence of the community coming together.

Daryl Nicholson: I know, amazing. 1100 people.
I jumped in the car on Sunday and I went for a bit of a drive. The Toowoomba Makers Market, another new market, started in Toowoomba Mills Precinct, good attendance there. We know the markets can be really swamped at times, there’s lots of markets on but I think they’ve got it right this time. They’ve got good lighting in there, they using the outdoor facilities. Ned Bunnings and a friend of mine have got a coffee shop there, a coffee van and she showed me her spike and it was full of dockets for the day, and that was about 11 o’clock I went there, so they had quite a busy morning. I reckon she had, I don’t want to give too much away, but I reckon she had about a hundred dockets on there. So it was a very good morning.
Project School Formal, Saturday night. Ean Stewart and myself, we presented a Trivia Night and we had a lot of fun-

McCarthy-Wood: You’ve been talking about this, you’ve been quite excited about it. We’ve been following this journey. How did it go?

Daryl Nicholson: It was unreal, we got about 120 people in the room at $25 a head, so just doing some math here, I can’t give too much away about how much we raised, because it is all towards the Project School Formal. Had raffle prizes on the night, had 40 raffle prizes that were all donated by the community. We had a box full of raffle tickets that we were drawing through the night. The trivia questions were fun. We gave away some cash and some vouchers for the Toowoomba Sports Club and other venues in places around the town. Cameron from the Irish was amazing. He donated the room for the night and shattered a few drinks so that was really cool. But really good night and that Project wraps up on Friday, so if you need to get a suit or a dress, get in touch with Gay and the team at Project School Formal on Facebook because time is running out. School Formal starts in a couple of weeks.

McCarthy-Wood: Yeah, that’s fantastic. That programme.

Daryl Nicholson: It’s really good. If you want to do a trivia night, Ean Stewart and, we put on a bloody good trivia night and we had a lot of fun. So if you want to do a trivia night, give me a call and I can tell you how we can put that together for you.

McCarthy-Wood: Absolutely brilliant.

Daryl Nicholson: I took a drive in my car, went around Prince Henry Heights, used to live up there. Took a ride around the circuit that goes there. If you imagine Prince Henry Heights, it’s the [inaudible 00:07:14] of Toowoomba, it just hangs over part of the old volcanic formation and it’s one road in one road out. Residents live up there, took a drive around the circuit. It is really, really dry. Heaven help us if a fire starts in the Lockyer Valley and comes up, it’ll just lick up there. So please people, meditate, pray, wish, hope, put it out there for rain, we really some rain. Seriously, not just for Toowoomba, but for the whole region. So just to keep everyone safe from bush fires, you know what I mean?

McCarthy-Wood: Yeah, absolutely. I have done that drive up and out and around that area. It is a beautiful area, and it’s been dry for a long time, hasn’t it?

Daryl Nicholson: That’s right. A couple of years. I did some back burning about three years ago, for some reason Andrew, they haven’t back burned. I don’t know why. I’m not going to knock the greenies or anything, but council haven’t done any back burning and there is a lot of fuel there so hopefully we get some rain to keep that calm.

McCarthy-Wood: Yeah, just a quick look at our weather outlook. Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Wednesday you’re looking at a 5% chance of rain, that’s very, very low. But you are looking at 30% on Thursday and that’s growing through to Friday at 50% but they’re saying less than one millimetre. We just need that weather to come through and I don’t know whether you saw it, perhaps through your area there, back in Toowoomba but we saw some clouds and they just passed over, hey.

Daryl Nicholson: That’s right, they passed over, skipped us. Unfortunate, but anyhow. But I do say wish, pray, hope, meditate, whatever you do, just put it out there for rain.
I took one for the boys. I took one for you and me. Greg Northern rolled out some kegs around Australia for the Drop for Drought. So had a few beers. The kegs were supplied to venues around Australia and [inaudible 00:08:56] had a couple of kegs [inaudible 00:08:57] in there.

McCarthy-Wood: You might have taken one for the team, but I think for that one, you owe us.

Daryl Nicholson: So all that money raised, the publicans didn’t have to pay for the kegs, any money they took for selling those beers, just goes to drought relief. And that was a great initiative from CUB.
That’s sort of what was wrapped up. Just coming into this week, just very quickly. Awards night is on at the Empire Theatres for the Toowoomba State High School, my old high school. My daughter’s graduating year 12, so that is a big awards night. They pack the Empire Theatres for that, and they have great guest speakers for that one, so I’m looking forward to that.
Also on Wednesday, David Mansfield and Joy Taylor, they’ve been travelling around Europe. Now they run Canvas Coworking and they’re a Toowoomba startup group. They’re giving a session on lessons learnt, what they’ve learnt out of Europe for business. So, if you want to check that out, go to Canvas Coworking or our Facebook page and check that out.
Happy birthday to Phil Coorey and the team at George Banks. Have you been to George Banks?

McCarthy-Wood: No, I haven’t, yes.

Daryl Nicholson: It’s the old Westpac building on the corner of Margaret and Ruthven Steet, Rooftop Bar.

McCarthy-Wood: I’ve seen it, it looks really impressive. Have you been up there?

Daryl Nicholson: I’ve been up there for the Melbourne Cup last year after I finished at the Sporties, and had an entree there and a couple of glasses of wine. Phil’s also, he’s thought of the budget, he’s also said you can just come in your casual clothes. $15 lunches, Wednesday and Friday. Beautiful seafood linguini. When you get up here, you’ve got to try that seafood linguini. It’s just great [crosstalk 00:10:29]. And beautiful views of Toowoomba. I must admit, night time views are better than daytime, but that’s the same in Brisbane, I guess. Brisbane’s better at night than day.

McCarthy-Wood: See all of those lights, yeah, absolutely.

Daryl Nicholson: Thursday, Steve Waugh’s back in town. He seems to be hanging around here. I think he’s got a lot of good friends, but the Steve Waugh Foundation, it sees $175 for lunch and drinks package, raising money for the Steve Waugh Foundation, helping kids out.
Saturday night, I’m back at Rumours. I cannot believe this, 24th Fight Night for Smithy’s and The Great White show and Smithy’s Promotion bring the Fight Night’s back to Toowoomba 24 they’ve done at Rumours, every three months. So it’s been quite amazing. That is a big night and if anyone wants to learn how to build a tribe, you need to talk to Brandon Smith. I reckon you could put two 10 year olds in a boxing ring and he’d get a fully sold out house. He’s absolutely amazing.

McCarthy-Wood: Oh wow.

Daryl Nicholson: People just follow the boxing and we’ve talked that boxing is a great event. It’s good aerobically and people get into it. It’s a good event up there. Corporate tickets are $95 and they get a 75 and 55 for general admission, so it’s not a rough night, it’s a good night. Well maintained with security and police presence and it’s a great fun night as well. So that’s Saturday night at Rumours International Smithy’s 24th Fight Night.
And just really coming up, it’s a bit of a date claimer, but Fitzy’s are doing this again. Fitzy’s are putting a feast on for the farmer. It’s on the 5th of December, all money raised from that luncheon will go to farmers around Australia and we’re seeing more and more pubs doing this. I just saw on TV before [inaudible 00:12:09] for a Farmer, it’s going to be a National Campaign. Wherever you can, if you can throw a few coins in for these guys to help them out. I’ve got goosebumps just talking about this, but really if we don’t get some serious rain and it’s going to take months of rain, our country’s going to be in a lot of trouble.

McCarthy-Wood: Oh well. And this is the thing, isn’t it? Because if we don’t get rain soon, we’re in trouble but just because it rains on the day, the issues aren’t gone. In fact, in a lot of cases, what happens is that rain smashes in and just creates a whole lot of other issues and it’s months, if not years down the track that they can stabilise out for the farmer and everything that they need to do again.

Daryl Nicholson: Exactly. So you know, again, we should pray, hope, meditate. And one more thing to wrap up, on a good news. It’s like the news they do on Channel Nine and that, they do a good news story at the end with a dog, with a puppy or something like that. But we got 400 jobs coming to the Western Downs Region, a massive solar farm. It’s being developed for early next year. They’ve got 162 megawatt project to plug into a big substation and that’s, again, green energy for our region. So that’s going to create 400 jobs for the Western Downs Region, that’s going Dalby, Chinchilla, up that area. That’s your good news story.

McCarthy-Wood: Yeah, absolutely and you travel out to Stanthorpe quite regularly, which means you generally go through Warwick there. Have you seen that solar farm on the left hand side as you’re coming on into Warwick there?

Daryl Nicholson: Yeah, it’s massive.

McCarthy-Wood: Yeah.

Daryl Nicholson: It’s just acres and acres and it’s quite a sight when you do drive down that mountain and you go, wow.

McCarthy-Wood: Yeah, absolutely. And right now when we’re in the middle of a drought and the ground isn’t quite as productive as it otherwise might be with great weather, it’s really good… there’s just a sense of encouragement actually, see that space is is being productive and it’s a bit of an interesting one because these clear, sunny days are in fact the best thing for a solar farm, I guess. You’re starting to get the best of both worlds. You can farm whether you are in drought and sunny days or there’s still great farming land out there and hopefully that all bounces back once it rains.
Look Daryl, thank you very much for your time. If you are in Toowoomba or Stanthorpe, across those regions, anything in between including Warwick and all of those sorts of places, I think Daryl mentioned [inaudible 00:14:31] last week, and you have a community event coming up, let Daryl know by going to the TrueAU.NEWS website and putting your details into the contact form. We’ll pass your information onto Daryl, the Toowoomba advocate.
Also, I’m just going to take this opportunity to say, I’ve noticed Daryl online, that you’ve been letting people know that they can get in touch with you if they want to get, I think just like Claire with Leading Engagement Solutions, and you guys know each other and work with each other and that, but for businesses, organisations, community organisations that want to get events up off the ground, want the world to know about it, they really should get in contact with you.

Daryl Nicholson: Yes, certainly. Contact me, message me though Toowoomba 4350 TV me or Stanthorpe 4380 TV and we can certainly help you there. You’ve got to be doing videos in 2019 and 2020 and also these podcasts are a really good way to get your message across. So I just want to thank you for your time today. Toowoomba 4350 TV and Stanthorpe 4358 TV, more than just a postcode.