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Andrew: Welcome to the What’s on in Toowoomba and Stanthorpe TrueAU.news weekly podcast with Toowoomba advocate Daryl Nicholson, who own and runs Toowoomba 4350TV and Stanthorpe 4380TV. Now, my name is Andrew McCarthy-Wood and thank you for your company. This community podcast is brought to you by Leading Engagement Solutions. If you have a group, organisation or business, engagement is so much more effective than just marketing, and you can ask Daryl all about this because he lives and breathes it as well. To find out how Leading Engagement Solutions can get you much better and more effective results, give Claire a call on 0401 439 612 or pop your inquiry into the form on the TrueAU.news website and we’ll pass the details on to her. Now, Daryl, how have you been mate? I believe there’s been a lot going on across Toowoomba and Stanthorpe, and a lot coming up.

Daryl: Oh yes, certainly mate, I’ll just do a bit of a recap. I jumped in the car on Friday and I headed out to Stanthorpe, I had Friday and Saturday up there, but mate, Friday I hit the road and I went out to Ballandean Estate Winery, caught up with Leeanne Puglisi, who’s been on the show and we talked about Grazing on the Granite Belt, it’s getting underway for this weekend, Saturday and Sunday, so the buses are being organised, ticket sales are going well, but there are still tickets available so jump on board with that one.

Andrew: Daryl, look, we were talking about this just before we jumped on air. A couple of things there, you’re right, there are tickets still available, but you were saying that Stanthorpe is really suffering the effects of people just thinking, don’t go there, it’s just had a big fire and they’re running out of water, lets not put burden on that town, but mate, set the record straight on that hey.

Daryl: Well look, certainly, and I got into a few businesses, which I’ll run through in a minute, but certainly they said, since the fire, business has died, and the perception is that the town got effected, but it was all the outlying regions around the town, so they lost a couple of properties, thanks again to the Fire Brigades out there and the emergency services that saved houses and saved the fire from getting into the town itself, the CBD. They are open for business, there is water, they’re putting infrastructure in to fix the water from December to pump water in and keep that at Leslie Dam so don’t be afraid to jump in the car and go out there.

Andrew: And beyond all of that, exactly right. You and I have both spent a fair bit of time out there over the weekend and the place is absolutely beautiful. The main road, it’s not dead and shrivelled up. Gardens are looking good, flowers looking good. More importantly, when you spend a little bit of time in there, you really sense the community and just the people that are just so happy to see you. And if you’re travelling out there, you’re not going to be a burden on the water infrastructure anyway.
Buy some bottled water or take some containers out there and buy some water, and I think there was a point that was made on an interview that we did with somebody out at Stanthorpe a couple of weeks ago, and I was saying, look, when you come out, if you’re going to buy a water, see if you can buy it from the local shops, because the businesses there, where they have been affected, is not just the tourism. Because the yield of the farming crops hasn’t been here, there hasn’t been the backpackers and the workers coming out, but also injected into that economy too, so that said, people can really get out there, enjoy themselves first and foremost, but have a really positive effect on a fellow community that really needs that support right now.

Daryl: That’s right. Yeah mate. When I finished with Leeanne, I went for a drive and [inaudible 00:03:36] I called into the Top Pub, the first pub, it’s known as the Top Pub, it’s near the shopping centre there. Very, very cold Carlton Dry on tap, I had a beautiful beer there, so get out there and support those pubs as well.
As you’re driving in, just before McDonald’s in the old Landmark Building there, there was a project going on there. It happens every Wednesday and Saturday. People turn up, they turn up in their Utes, there’s a community called the Granite Belt Water Relief, there’s water tankers there, people turn up with their Utes, with their 1000 litre water container on there. They’re filling up water, giving them bottled water, they run a barbecue on a Saturday morning, it’s a free barbecue. There’s produce available and it’s a dream of Russell Wantling. What happened was, just after the fires, he saw some people in a paddock up from his place and they were taking water out of the dam and they had no fresh water. So he and his wife created Granite Belt Water Relief. I put Russell’s interview up on Stanthorpe 4380TV last night, and also on 4350TV, it’s a heart-pounding story, have a listen to what Russell’s done. I’ve got some footage there, I did a live stream on Saturday.
From there I went out to the showgrounds on Saturday night and met Glenda Riley, she runs the Granite Belt Drought Assistance Group. Muslim Aid Australia ran 20 trucks from Brisbane up to Stanthorpe, did you see that on the news at all?

Andrew: Yeah, I did. That’s a hell of an effort, isn’t it?

Daryl: The Deen Brothers put that together and my housemate Ross was telling me Alan Jones interviewed the Deen Brothers today. A convoy of 20 trucks, water and hay bales got delivered there. I’ll have some footage up there through the week of that as well.
I met the beautiful Shannon Cox from High Street Motel, she is an absolute character. Go an interview with her. She’s got the only motel and licenced restaurant in town, so we’ll be camping there on the weekend. You and myself are staying there and looking forward to catching up with Shannon over the weekend as well, but I’ll have that interview up through the week.
I met Caz from Happy Valley Hippie Shop. Really quiet, relaxed atmosphere, incense, spiritual stuff, charms, dream catchers… Mate, she’s been saying since the fires, business is down. So again, do your Christmas shopping out there. Pop out there and see Caz from the Happy Valley Hippie Shop as well and we’ll get her out to the live stream as well.
And there’s another character, I’ll introduce you to Nathan, he is a scream. He’ll come out on Saturday. He’s from Granite Belt Cleaning and Hospitality Supplies. We’ll get him out at the live stream on Saturday as well. A real character, so I’m looking forward to that.
That’s out live stream happening this Saturday from around 12:30 I’m thinking Andrew, out at Robert Channon Winery in Paola’s The Winemaker Kitchen.

Andrew: Yeah, that sounds really good. We’re all looking forward to this because, like I said a little bit earlier, just being out there and involved in that community is absolutely beautiful, isn’t it?

Daryl: Yeah, it is. From there I had to come back into town on Saturday night, and Smithy and the TGW, the Great White, had their 24th Fight Night. Jamie Hilt to claim the WBU World Super Lightweight title. Absolutely, the whole town was screaming for him to win that fight. It was a great atmosphere and another successful night for Smithy’s Gym. Again, if you want to see how a guy builds a business, the team at Smithy’s Gym, they’ve built a tribe of people that just follow them.
Mike and Mel Leyland, you’re joining the event and hitting the road, but Mike and Mel Leyland did that many, many years ago with the Leyland Brothers. Did you ever watch that when you were a kid?

Andrew: Not only do I watch that, and I’m just going to duck across and bring it up, but you know Mel Leyland is still travelling? I think that might even be where you’re going with that, but if you look up Travelling with Mel Leyland, he’s got a Facebook page and he’s very, very active on it.

Daryl: Yeah mate, he’s calling Toowoomba home, he and his wife moved here and she’s passed away and he’s going to do a show now with these daughter, but he’s in the paper today, Toowoomba Chronicle. He’s talking about my town, my past and the memories there. He wants to share those memories. We’ve seen him and Mike on the road with their wives and he’s talking about a comeback to the screen, so look out for that one.

Andrew: Oh, I can’t wait for that. Just before we move on, you’re right, the Leyland Brothers, just every time you hear the Leyland Brothers, straight away I think you start thinking of… tune starts winding it’s way through your brain, but really, didn’t they do so much for getting out and checking out the roads and I would consider them definitely as an inspiration for our road trip that we do now.

Daryl: Definitely, definitely mate. I was thinking that when I read that story this morning and Ann from The Book Tree had told me a few weeks ago, that Mike was here, sorry Mel was here and calls Toowoomba home.
Tuesday, the race that stops the nation. Now, there’ll be a couple of events on everywhere, so I’m not even going to mention where they’re at, but there is one in Stanthorpe that we’ll mention, at Paola’s The Winemaker Kitchen out at Robert Channon Wines. It’s $65 per person. You won’t be disappointed with the wine and food on offer there, so book there and get that away.
My housemate has come up with a tip. Ross has given me a tip. He’s saying that Mer De Glace, that’s the number two horse at six to one, but I’ve got a tip that you and I should give the punters, mate. We know Ride Like A Girl is out at the cinemas, it was out, and Michelle Payne won on a hundred to one shot, so mate considering you and I are entertainment and we’re into sound and you’ve got TrueAU news radio, it’s horse number 17, Sound. 100 to one, so I’m going to put a couple of bucks on that to win.

Andrew: There you go. Where are you going to be on Tuesday?

Daryl: Mate, I’m compering the Melbourne Cup festivities at the Toowoomba Sports Club.

Andrew: I would not expect anything less. There you go. So, hard decision for you on Tuesday. There’s two places you’ll want to consider. Yeah, look. Go to whatever suits you but either see Daryl in Toowoomba, he’s going to be compering or I think that sounds like a really attractive offer to head on out to Stanthorpe. Get up in the morning, go for the drive out to Stanthorpe and enjoy the Melbourne Cup out there. It’s food and wine, you’re not going to be putting any drain on the water out there, just get stuck into the wine. Have a really good day and take in the efforts, and because you’re probably going to be well lubricated, there’s plenty of accommodation that’ll be a available around as well.

Daryl: That’s right. So, that’s at Paola, P-A-O-L-A the Winemaker’s Kitchen. Check out her Facebook page, you can book tickets now.
Mate, the RSPCA, they’re on the move. They’re in Vanity Street, been there for many, many years, probably 40, 50 years. They’re on the move to the Wellcamp Business Park. They were bequested some money, someone passed away and they got an opportunity to get some land there near Toowoomba Airport. They’re moving into a 12.5 million dollar facility next month. They’re just going to move in there with some dogs and get them settled and officially they open in February. They’re going to have boarding kennels as well. So, when you’re flying out of Toowoomba, you just drop your dog or cat off and they can stay there at the RSCPA. They’re going to have a motel for cats and dogs. Really exciting stuff.

Andrew: More than $12 million is probably going to be all top tier, top shelf stuff.

Daryl: They called them condominiums for the animals. Condos.

Andrew: Oh can we stay there?

Daryl: Probably. Mate, this Saturday I’m a bit bummed. I’ve been looking forward to this one, but I’m going to miss this one because we’ll be in Stanthorpe. Saturday the 9th, Brews and Barbie Bash 2019 at the Railway Goods Shed, the $10 million Goods Shed. It’s all about food, food, food, drinks, markets and entertainment. That is going to be a spectacular one. Get your tickets for that one from the Brew and Barbie Bash 2019 here in Toowoomba if you’re not going to hit the road.
Mate, Steve Waugh was in town. I saw the big semi-trailer parked outside the Quest Hotel. The Steve Waugh Foundation, they did the Captain’s Ride. That happened over the weekend. Massive semi-trial mate, parked right outside the Quest, I put a photo of it on my page on Sunday morning when I saw it. And they had that luncheon there as well, raising money for the Steve Waugh Foundation, thanks a lot Steve.
Sunday, you can meet your ancestors from 1:00 PM to 5:00 PM at 1C Windmill Street. It’s hosted by Past Lives, Future Lives & Beyond, so if you’re in town and want to find out who your ancestors were, it’s a little get together by that group at 1C Windmill Street. Meet your Ancestors.
Here’s a new segment brought to you by once. See, with milk, straight nature and sisters and Mike, he’s a new segment brought to you by CGD Group, printing with imagination. They created my [inaudible 00:12:05] out of Stanthorpe and Toowoomba, but mate, birthdays this week, Toowoomba birthdays. Geoff Roberts, you know Geoff from Power FM? He’s having a birthday.

Andrew: Yeah, absolutely. Yeah. Hang on. This is not how you usually open that up, how do you open that up?

Daryl: Toowoomba birthdays, have a happy heart pounding birthday to you. Geoff Roberts from Power FM. To [inaudible 00:12:27] from the Rumours family at Rumours International. Toni McPaul at Hogans Jewellery is celebrating a birthday this week. Kym Flehr, he’s a Toowoomba solicitor, he’s having a birthday. Chef Josh Hennig from the Toowoomba Sports Club, Toowoomba’s best kept secret for food, he’s having his birthday as well. Stacy Holt, she calls in Toowoomba from time to time, she’s got the Real Estate Excellence Academy. She’s going to be celebrating a birthday, as well as Penny Watson, Michelle Reed, Rachael Grey, Graeme Dallinger and Ann-Marie [inaudible 00:12:54], so just a few people celebrating.
And of course, wrapping up the show, this weekend Saturday and Sunday out at the Grazing on the Granite Belt, we’ll be out at Paola’s The Winemaker Kitchen at Robert Channon Wineries, livestreaming from 12:30 and Sunday there’s Meet the Winemakers’ Breakfast down on the Creek in the heart of Stanthorpe. Looking forward to that one too.

Andrew: Oh, thank you Daryl Nicholson for your time. If you are in Toowoomba or Stanthorpe regions, you’ve probably figured it out by now, and have a community event coming up, let Daryl know by going to the TrueAU.news website and putting your details into the contact form. We’ll pass that information onto Daryl, the Toowoomba advocate. Daryl, your tagline.

Daryl: Stanthorpe 4358TV, more than just a postcode, it’s all about community.