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Andrew MW: Yeah, welcome to “What’s On in Toowoomba and Stanthorpe”. That’s the trueAU.NEWS weekly podcast with Toowoomba advocate Daryl Nicholson, who owns and runs Toowoomba 4350 TV and Stanthorpe 4380 TV. My name is Andrew McCarthy-Wood. Thank you for your company. This community podcast is brought to you by Leading Engagement Solutions. If you have a group, organisation or business, engagement is so much more effective than just marketing. To find out how Leading Engagement Solutions can get you much better and more effective results, give Claire a call on 0401 439 612 or pop your inquiry into the contact form on the trueAU.NEWS website and we’ll pass it on to her.
So Daryl, how have you been going? What’s been happening in Toowoomba and definitely Stanthorpe.

Daryl Nicholson: Yeah mate, look, it’s been a fair bit going on in both the regions and we’ll talk about that. Mate, I think people know, this is recorded on a Monday morning and I’m just watching ABC news. 55’s across Queensland at the moment from yesterday to today. Lots of smoke in Stanthorpe today and I’m just reading the Chronicle, there’s smoke in Toowoomba, so, just take it easy folks. High fire risks tomorrow and just be aware.
And our colleagues in New South Wales, some really sad stories down there, but just keep safe. That’s all I’ve got to say. [crosstalk 00:01:16]

Andrew MW: Well that’s right thenews.com.au had, it has a headline here, “Bad as it gets, catastrophic fire danger-

Daryl Nicholson: Mm-hmm (affirmative)

Andrew MW: As Australia Burns” That is just how bad it is. And as you mentioned, take it easy, don’t just take it easy, be very, very careful. No cigarette butts out the window, in fact probably a good time to maybe really think about giving up those cigarettes with the risks that go with it, but any sort of fire, any flame, just be so careful out there, yeah?

Daryl Nicholson: Exactly, exactly. So, Friday, hit the road and I stopped in Warwick and went to the beautiful Belle Vue Café and caught up with Councillor Yve Stocks. Mate there was smoke in the area there Friday. There was a few fires around Warwick.
From there I travelled out to Stanthorpe and then I had to come back into Warwick, we had to do a bit more business there, and we actually hit the aquatic centre there mate, and it’s a very, very good aquatic centre.

Andrew MW: A very impressive little asset that one isn’t?

Daryl Nicholson: It is beautiful. They’ve got that rapids pool. I had a lot of fun in there. Cooled off and I really enjoyed that. Celebrity spotting mate, I spotted, if you can call it a celebrity, David Litteproud was there. I said g’day to him. I didn’t talk to him, but I just said g’day to him and I think he looked at me, I think he knew who I was.

Andrew MW: Mate, you do get around a lot of the community events that do happen across that region,

Daryl Nicholson: Yep.

Andrew MW: So I can imagine that he’d be trying to place you at all of the different places that you’ve been seen at.

Daryl Nicholson: Yeah, so… Had an amazing Friday in Stanthorpe, before I did go back to Warwick and I caught up with Nathan Collier from Granite Belt Cleaning supplies, Michael Jansen, he’s got a motel in town here, he was involved with the Toowoomba rugby league and Queensland Rugby league, I’ve known him for a few years. He’s calling Stanthorpe time. I caught up with Shannon from High Street Motor Inn, one of our partners there for the weekend.

Andrew MW: Yeah.

Daryl Nicholson: If you’re staying in Stanthorpe, definitely hit the High Street Motor Inn, Number one High street. Rooms are really nice and we got a tour of there and we’ve got some footage and we’ll share that over the next week or so, but yeah, definitely stay there when you come to Stanthorpe.

Andrew MW: Yeah, absolutely, I totally agree. Great location, great rooms and facilities-

Daryl Nicholson: Yeah.

Andrew MW: But-

Daryl Nicholson: Yeah-

Andrew MW: the dinner, we had dinner there on the Saturday night with you and-

Daryl Nicholson: Yeah.

Andrew MW: I went for the steak and I thought it was absolutely amazing with the garlic potato mash and a couple of-

Daryl Nicholson: Beautiful.

Andrew MW: Green beans and that, just to make it healthy. But-

Daryl Nicholson: Yeah, I know.

Andrew MW: What did you have?

Daryl Nicholson: I mainly had the gnocci, the ragu gnocci-

Andrew MW: Yeah.

Daryl Nicholson: That was so tender, it was beautiful. Also, on Friday I caught up with Russell Wantling from All Wheels, Granite Belt, I talked about this the Granite Belt water relief-

Andrew MW: Yeah.

Daryl Nicholson: I said lets go out there, Saturday morning, the activity there, Russell was on the forklift. Give us your perspective, mate, because I’d been out there the Saturday before what was your sort of interpretation of what was happening there?

Andrew MW: Mate, very interesting and touching, and more touching than interesting, absolutely, but I had been saying some of the interviews and that you have been putting up on 4380 TV, that’s on Facebook if anyone wants to see any of that content, you can, you can go through it. There’s a lot of very local orientated content, Stanthorpe of course if you’re in Toowoomba you go to 4350 TV and the same thing. You’re doing a lot of work across the two. Having sort of seen some of that, the gravity of what was going on was I think lost, until actually physically going there and seeing it.

Daryl Nicholson: Yeah.

Andrew MW: And, we had to park out on the side of the road, as you know, because-

Daryl Nicholson: Mm-hmm (affirmative).

Andrew MW: Parkings a premium there as the vehicles were coming through and getting water, and getting out of the car and walking in and just seeing the forklift going flat out, the volunteers going flat out.

Daryl Nicholson: Mm-hmm (affirmative).

Andrew MW: The little petrol pumps going flat out, so, a couple of little backstories, and we talked about this, in our live broadcast didn’t we on Saturday, from-

Daryl Nicholson: Yeah.

Andrew MW: Out of Stanthorpe, but, to reiterate for this podcast the stories that were coming out of there, really to hold back those emotions-

Daryl Nicholson: Mm-hmm (affirmative).

Andrew MW: Was more than impossible, and-

Daryl Nicholson: Ah yeah.

Andrew MW: There’s a couple of stories that really touched me, one was, not so much a story of an individual but what’s going on with the community and the reason why they are allowing people to come and take a 1000 litres of water a day at each term or session of doing this.

Daryl Nicholson: Uh-huh (affirmative).

Andrew MW: It got me thinking because, you know, you’re on the road a little bit, you get to think about these things. I’m like “Oh, Okay, there are businesses, that’s what they do, they cart water around.” But, the stories that are coming out of this, is that Stanthorpe while the town’s centre may have water still coming out of the taps, and, as you mention we stayed at the High Street Motel there, the showers were beautiful.

Daryl Nicholson: Mm-hmm (affirmative).

Andrew MW: Everything, you wouldn’t know that there was any real issue, other than the news-

Daryl Nicholson: Mm-hmm (affirmative).

Andrew MW: Headline “There’s a water shortage and it’s coming quickly and it’s going to be epic” But, your rural properties, they’ve had these water issues for a long time and so they’re dry, they are bone dry-

Daryl Nicholson: They are.

Andrew MW: They have been buying water, and they’ve exhausted their cash and they’re-

Daryl Nicholson: Uh-huh (affirmative).

Andrew MW: They’ve got nothing else that they can do and now they’ve got this relief, really amazing. I know I’m going on for a little bit here, but this really-

Daryl Nicholson: Mm-hmm (affirmative).

Andrew MW: Blew me away. It amazed me that in a first world country, all of a sudden, water that we just take for granted was-

Daryl Nicholson: Uh-huh (affirmative).

Andrew MW: Such a central issue to survival.

Daryl Nicholson: Mm-hmm (affirmative).

Andrew MW: And just very, very quickly, one of the other stories that came out of there a farmer that had turned up, had realised he could get water, but he was heading back to shoot his cattle.

Daryl Nicholson: That’s right.

Andrew MW: He was shooting his cattle, like they are going, just slaughtered, wasted because he-

Daryl Nicholson: Mm-hmm (affirmative).

Andrew MW: Can’t sell them.

Daryl Nicholson: Yeah.

Andrew MW: He can’t continue to feed them, and he can’t even afford to get a butcher out. Like that’s-

Daryl Nicholson: Yeah.

Andrew MW: That’s the state of things, but now’s probably a really good time to talk about and Daryl, you’ve got a really strong view on this, how can people get involved in this. How can people support Stanthorpe right at the minute?

Daryl Nicholson: Again, it’s money, I mean they need the economy to be boosted along, jump in the car, come out here, as you said, stay in the motels, the High Street Motor Inn. There is still water, there’s water going to be trucked in from the middle of December. The tanks are being built, the federal government, the state governments put in 800,000 dollars a month to transport this water in the event of no rain, which there is no rain forecasted. But, they definitely need your pa- you know, to come out here, water for wine campaigns on. The t-shirts are available as well, shower with a friend. There’s plenty of beer in Stansthorpe.

Andrew MW: Yeah, I like that campaign, shower with a friend.

Daryl Nicholson: It is good. The Granite belt water relief their BSB is 633000, their account number is 168787364, just if you can dribble some money through there just to help that water relief go on, but the main thing is, just, instead of going to the coast this Christmas come out here and have a look at this unique countryside because it is, its a once in a lifetime you’ll see it like this, and it will get back to being green but they definitely need money.
Don’t bring water out, buy the water out here and you can donate it back to the Granite Belt Water Relief and you can buy vouchers and you can donate them back to the relief as well. Just come and spend some money out here, stay out here and enjoy it, because, yeah, that’s what they need. It’s financial input, because the whole town is feeling it. The backpackers aren’t here, the crops aren’t being-

Andrew MW: Yeah.

Daryl Nicholson: The crops aren’t available for the backpackers, so… Tourism is what they really need at the moment. So jump in the car and come out to this region and absolutely enjoy it. There’s plenty of wine, plenty of beer at the O’Mara’s as we found there some of that on Friday night and, it was nice and cold, and as I said the top pub’s got cold beer as well, so, Brinx café, beautiful, Italian sausage roll I had there on Friday.

Andrew MW: Yeah.

Daryl Nicholson: The food’s glorious and you’ve had coffee there, and food over the weekend.

Andrew MW: Absolutely.

Daryl Nicholson: Yeah.

Andrew MW: Well said.

Daryl Nicholson: Yep. Go on.

Andrew MW: Yeah, absolutely, well said, well said. So-

Daryl Nicholson: Yeah good.

Andrew MW: So, what do we have coming up-

Daryl Nicholson: Okay.

Andrew MW: In relation to Stanthorpe and Toowoomba and Warwick, and all those areas between?

Daryl Nicholson: Yeah mate, this is still formal week this week is the focus in Toowoomba. So, it’s all about the school formals, Wednesday night for example, Toowoomba’s state high school is having their formal out at Picnic Point. St. Ursula’s school formal is up at Rumours International on Friday night, Saturday night is grammar school formal. Big, big event for grammar school and we’ve taken a tour, we took a livestream of everyone into the grammar school and showed the facility there. So, it is really the whole focus this weekend, in Toomba is school formals, in Stanthorpe, again its just, they’re just still embracing the Water For Wine campaign and the t-shirts, and the Grazing on the Granite Belt was a pretty good success for the weekend, so, reported good sales-

Andrew MW: Excellent.

Daryl Nicholson: Craft wine, so, really just recapping on that. Media grubs are meeting at St.George Banks, media grubs, I can’t get there, I have to work Friday night, but Belinda Sanders leads a group in Toomba. They’re all media people and they get together once every couple of months, but they’re having a big bash up at George Banks. So, if you’re in the media and you want to join along, just go to their Facebook page and have a look at that, and the usual Saturday and Sunday mate is the farmers markets is on. Supporting local farmers and of course the PCYC markets are on this weekend on Sunday, at the PCYC. Again, if you’re out in Stansthorpe, pop out to Paola’s the Winemaker’s Kitchen and Robert Channon Winery, and the Ballandean Winery. There’s plenty of things to do out here in this region.

Andrew MW: Oh, absolutely. And, if you’re heading out to there, obviously, enjoy the wine, but check the burgers out.

Daryl Nicholson: Yeah, yeah. Those Argentinian burgers. You and Jodie enjoyed them on Saturday. They were great.

Andrew MW: Oh, sensational.

Daryl Nicholson: Beautiful, and a good range of Tapas there.

Andrew MW: Yeah.

Daryl Nicholson: You know, on the weekend, I think we got 22 through there on Saturday from 40 on the bus tour, so that was a great result there.

Andrew MW: Yeah terrific.

Daryl Nicholson: Robert Channon winery. Mate and the opening of the Champagne bottle, the sparkling bottle, amazing. [crosstalk 00:11:49]

Andrew MW: With the sword. With the sword. [crosstalk 00:11:52]

Daryl Nicholson: That was great.

Andrew MW: [crosstalk 00:11:54] She has a really big smile, and she just does it so gracefully.

Daryl Nicholson: Yeah. That was really good.

Andrew MW: Knocks the top of the bottle off and-

Daryl Nicholson: Yep.

Andrew MW: It actually shears the glass like, again, its something really to see in person and what I, look, and she’s a bit cheeky, I loved the way she that she has to dig, you know, “plenty of men have a go at this and they stuff it!”.

Daryl Nicholson: That’s right. Oh, there’s one more thing I missed in Toowoomba on Tuesday morning, there’s an entrepreneur’s breakfast up at the Engine Room Café. Four Brothers are hosting that, Adrian owns Four Brothers, they’ve just done a little bit of a, what would you call it? A crowdfunding float, so, you’re able to join in and take up, be a share holder in that event. So, if you want more information about that, that’s at the Engine Room Café, Entrepreneurs breakfast, Adrian from Four Brothers doing the speaking there. But that’s what’s happening mate. That’s all within the region.

Andrew MW: Well…

Daryl Nicholson: And, please just stay safe.

Andrew MW: Yeah.

Daryl Nicholson: Be really cautious of where the fires are and don’t avoid going to the areas out here, but just be cautious of where the fires are. Toowoomba birthdays are brought to you by CGD Group, printing with imagination, if you’re after any business cards, cartoon graphic design talk to Neil there, so this is Toomba birthdays. Mate, hitting out to Dalby, a very good friend of mine, my god mothers daughter, Robin Maureen’s celebrating her birthday, happy birthday Robin, hope you have a beautiful, beautiful day. Hailey Hoffler from the Toomba and surrow basin enterprises, she’s celebrating this week. Andrew our mate farmer Greg is having a birthday this week, so-

Andrew MW: Oh yeah right. He’s a character. [crosstalk 00:13:30]

Daryl Nicholson: Automatic robotic milking machine, so he’s on there with for real milk, happy birthday farmer Greggy. Dean Botil, an old school buddy of mine, big Souther Suburbs supporter and supports the Tigers, rugby league football in Toomba. Daniel Bourger, he’s an auctioneer and trainer in Toomba, he’s celebrating his birthday as well. Amanda Dalton, mate, I’ve got her in line to come on this show, she’s from Proteus Place, it’s a safe place for women to go to who are suffering from domestic violence, so happy birthday Amanda, we look forward to talking to you on the show as well. And, Emma Beachrocks from part of the Beachrocks family so, that’s Toowoomba birthdays brought to you by CGD Group – Printing with Imagination.

Andrew MW: Thank you Daryl Nicholson for your time. If you are in the Toowoomba or Stanthorpe regions and have a community event coming up, let Daryl know by going to the true.AU.NEWS website and put your details into the contact form, we’ll pass them the information on to Daryl our Toowoomba and Stanthorpe advocate, what’s your tagline mate?

Daryl Nicholson: Stanthorpe 4380TV, more than just a postcode. Take care.

Daryl Nicholson: Absolutely.