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McCarthy-Wood: Welcome to What’s on in Toowoomba and Stanthorpe, this is a TrueAU.NEWS weekly podcast with Toowoomba advocate Daryl Nicholson, who owns and runs Toowoomba 4350TV and Stanthorpe 4380TV. My name is Andrew McCarthy-Wood, thank you for your company. This community podcast, it’s brought to you by Leading Engagement Solutions. If you have a group, organisation or business, engagement is so much more effective than just marketing. To find out how Leading Engagement Solutions can get you much better and more effective results, give Claire a call on 0401 439612 or pop your inquiry into the contact form on the TrueAU.NEWS website and we’ll pass it on to her. So Daryl, how’ve you been mate? What’s been happening across Toowoomba and Stanthorpe?

Daryl Nicholson: Morning mate, I’m happy and joyful as I said earlier and they will put that on my gravestone. I’ve had a great weekend of work and networking with people, so it’s been brilliant, but I’m kicking off another week. Mate, today on the front page of today’s Chronicle, no end to fire threat it sight. So seriously this week, it’s going to be a tough week, Cunninghams Gap was closed, people were ringing up cancelling their accommodation in Stanthorpe and their restaurant bookings and that was really sad, but hopefully Cunninghams Gap will get opened again.
But mate we’ve got Hampton and Pechey, they’re under threat at the moment and I can tell you I walked out of Rumours at 1:00 AM on Sunday morning and I walked out of the sports club at 1:00 AM on Monday morning, smoke everywhere and it just seems that atmosphere just changes and pushes the smoke down and blows it in, but our thoughts and prayers for all the people out at Hampton and Pechey and all around Queensland and New South Wales, with the fires that are happening. So, a lot going on mate, in… We even had that 737 bombing fire retardant yesterday at the Hamptons so they’re pulling together.

McCarthy-Wood: Right, yeah. Look the only message that I would add to that is that, don’t risk your life or anybody else’s, but as soon as it is safe to do so and make the effort to find out if and when and how you can, but get at to those regional towns, patronise them, enjoy the place. Spend in those towns, they are hurting and they really do need that support.

Daryl Nicholson: They do. And mate, no pun intended here, but last night at the Empire Theatre, Smokie played in town. Apparently there was a big crowd there. Don’t Play Your Rock ‘n’ Roll to Me and Living Next Door to Alice, they would have been rocking the Empire Theatre last night. Another story about the Powerhouse, I’ll tell you later.
Mate, I went out to Stanthorpe on Thursday, caught up with some locals, had breakfast in the main street. Didn’t get any footage, but I just… Sometimes you just want to put the camera away, and just meet some of the locals. I met some locals there and just got an understanding again of what’s happening out there.
Friday, we took a lunch break and went out to St Jude’s Cellar Door Cafe out at Ballandean. Did you see that photo of that smoked salmon pizza with the garden salad?

McCarthy-Wood: Ah yes. Right. Okay. It was good?

Daryl Nicholson: It was beautiful mate, smoked salmon pizza. The guy there, he’s been making it since 1992, and he put a lot of love into that pizza. It was beautiful.
I had to head back Friday night to the sports club and do the draws, we gave away eleven thousand dollars in cash there and that was a good promotion for the club, and then Saturday night, I worked up at Rumours International with the Grammar School Formal. Big event. Numbers were down because there was the preps that were going through from 12 years ago, so all the schools are down on numbers this year.

McCarthy-Wood: Yes. They have a half cohort, yes absolutely.

Daryl Nicholson: I caught up with headmaster Peter Hauser, he’s calling it a day after 34 years in education in the Grammar system, 17 of which are at Toowoomba Grammar School. He’s going to hand the reins over at the end of next year and do his last school formal. Now, bit of history mate, bit of background, Peter is the highest paid headmaster in the Grammar system, and he earns more than the prime minister, so they are advertising Australia-wide and he even told me they are looking in the London Times for someone to replace him for that job of headmaster of Toowoomba Grammar School. So, very interesting man to talk to, but if you’re looking for a job and you’ve got the skills, we’re going worldwide looking for a new headmaster for Grammar.

McCarthy-Wood: …and to have those skills, that would be really quite something to beat a replacement, yeah?

Daryl Nicholson: Well I think we talked a couple of weeks ago and we talked about the amount of money that Peter’s helped bring into the school, 82.9 million I think over three years, and as he said, he’s got a responsibility. He’s got over 320 people on the payroll there that he looks after each week to make sure they get paid and… big business mate, and reaching out to the world. A lot of overseas students come to the school and education is foremost here in Toowoomba.

McCarthy-Wood: Wow.

Daryl Nicholson: Toowoomba birthdays brought to you by CGD Group, printing with imagination. Ben Burton, from Malouf Pharmacies out at Middle Ridge is having his birthday. A good friend of mine, he’s not in Toowoomba, he’s in Townsville, Joseph Maru, a really good mate when I was growing up at school in Townsville. Big happy birthday to you Joseph. Geoff Kowitz, he’s from Big Dog Security, happy birthday Geoff. Kylie Walker, she works at the Toowoomba Sports Club with me, she’s having a birthday.
Shireen Prasser is having a birthday as well. Tegan de Klerk, Tabitha Steinberg from Rumours International, she’s one of my staff there, happy birthday Tabitha. An old friend from my military days when we were growing up as kids, Kathy Pepper. The beautiful Leigh Quinlan, one of my staff from McDonald’s, when she was 14 I hired her, she’s now… I won’t go into her age, but grown up, beautiful woman and she’s having a birthday. Danielle Postans from the Toowoomba Sports Club and Ash Webb, she’s a big advocate for endometriosis in Toowoomba, and she’s certainly doing a lot of good work in that field as well, to bring recognition to that. So Toowoomba birthdays, happy heart pounding birthdays to all those people.
Mate some sad news, Weis ice-cream factory is closing down at the end of next year.

McCarthy-Wood: I read about this. What is the sentiment around the community in relation to this? I’d imagine this is massive news.

Daryl Nicholson: This is massive news and the mayor is going to talk to Unilever, I think is the company that own it, and just see if they can hold that, because we’re looking at just under a hundred people employed there. Mate, it’s been iconic, it’s put Toowoomba on the map. You do remember the Weis family had Weis Restaurant? Top of the range, they sold that to Coleman’s Nursery and unfortunately the Weis Restaurant concept has gone.
One of the most fine dining restaurants that we had, but this will be sad and Mrs Kelly from Kelly’s Store, she’s been selling Weis bars there for nearly 40 years and her little corner shop, she’s talked about it as well. They were even reaching out to Anna [inaudible 00:06:37] to see if she can talk to them. And the Weis family are upset as well because I think they had a bit of an agreement in place as to how long that business can stay there, but again Unilever made a business decision but we’ll just see what happens if we can hold that here in Toowoomba, because it is an iconic Toowoomba business.

McCarthy-Wood: So this came as a shock to the community? There was no heads up, or a-

Daryl Nicholson: This came left of centre, Friday. It just came out of the blue, and in Stanthorpe people were talking about it as well. They were going, “Weis is closing down.” It’s far reaching, so everyone knows those Weis bars, and they are beautiful, beautiful bars.
But you know, we are leaving Toowoomba, we’re just around the corner at number nine Phillip Street, there’s a house for sale and it’s an opportunity to own a piece of Toowoomba’s own history.

McCarthy-Wood: This is interesting. We were just looking at these this morning. Are you going to talk about some of the backstory around this house?

Daryl Nicholson: Well, what I know is this was a home, the property’s called Millbrook and it was owned by the Groom family. Now, Mr W.H. Groom was the first mayor of Toowoomba, he was a predominant businessman involved in the foundation of the Toowoomba Grammar School, Toowoomba School of Arts and Toowoomba Permanent Building Society, which is now Heritage Bank, and of course the Toowoomba Chronicle.
This is going to auction on Saturday, the 7th of December. I’m going to talk to Cooper Watson, he’s on my list to ring today. He’s from RealWay, and the property, it needs a lot of love and it is listed under the heritage act as well, so it’s going to be auctioned in conjunction with the public trustee on the 7th of December from 9:30 AM. Beautiful building, big block of land. This is going to be an Australian story I think-

McCarthy-Wood: Absolutely. Well, I’m only going from memory from the conversation that we’re having earlier this morning, but my understanding is this is the first time that that house’s ever gone on the market. While it changed family hands, but I believe there was a… And it’s been moved as well. That’s not the original location that it was built on-

Daryl Nicholson: That’s right.

McCarthy-Wood: …And there was a successful doctor’s surgery operated in it for a period of time. That is amazing history and just the photos that… You’re right, it does need some tender loving care, but you look at the photos, it’s from an era and the history is just all through it. This is going something, yeah. Like you said, it’s going to be big news as this journey follows through.

Daryl Nicholson: Yeah. The home was relocated to Phillip Street in 1901, and was renowned for its prize-winning flowers and garden parties during the ownership of the Groom family.

McCarthy-Wood: Wow.

Daryl Nicholson: And also had a medical practise out of there as well and Dr Row had a practise running in there, so watch this space. I’m going to ring Cooper today and have a chat with him about it.
Mate, you met Russell Wantling? Well you saw him on the forklift out at Stanthorpe at the Landmark Relief depot for Granite Belt Water Relief.

McCarthy-Wood: Yeah. I kind of met him. He was busy.

Daryl Nicholson: He put a post up on Saturday, in three short hours they moved 145,000 litres of water to the people of Stanthorpe, the rural people who need water. 145,000 litres of water, that’s not including bottled water. The project started just after the fires, the weekend after the fires, when Russell saw someone taking some water out of his dam. They’ve pumped 1.5 million litres of water so far in this short nine to 10 weeks, and that’s not including bottled water. This project, I’ve got goosebumps just talking about it. If you can give them some money, please do. The Granite Belt Water Relief, their BSB is 633000, and their account number is 168787364, and you can find that on their Facebook page as well.
And this morning there was a live stream, I can’t remember the gentleman’s name, but Wagners were loading 12 1000-litre pods on one of their trucks to head out to that depot this morning to deliver to Russell and the Granite Belt Water Relief. 12,000 litres of water and there’s more to come from this area as well. I’ve got goosebumps about this project and it’s amazing.

McCarthy-Wood: Awesome community effort.

Daryl Nicholson: It is, it is. Mate, on the Stanthorpe & Granite Belt Community Notice Board this morning, Mr Skid Towing is offering people, if they’ve got a threat of fire in Stanthorpe, still on a bit of alert, there’s still a lot of areas especially out at Ballandean and that, there’s a lot of dry fuel ready to go. Let’s hope it doesn’t catch fire, but anyone that’s in a bit of danger, he’s offering to move their cars to safe storage for free. That’s Mr Skid Towing, and you can find him on Facebook, on the Stanthorpe & Granite Belt Community Notice Board.
Mate, loving the way the community are getting together, it’s just amazing, with what’s going on and that’s what we’re about as Australian’s, aren’t we?

McCarthy-Wood: Absolutely. When the chips are down, they step up.

Daryl Nicholson: Yip, and just quickly what’s happening, Wednesday the 20th there’s a free barbecue breakfast with Billy Moore out at the and at the Wallangarra Railway Cafe, you can pop out there, so the community is invited to go out there and see him, and he’s jumping in a car that same day, he’ll be 12 noon at the Mayoral Leadership Lunch, Lunch with Billy Moore. He’s of course famous, I can’t remember what year it was, walking down the Cauldron there, yelling out, “Queenslander!” And it’s just resonated through and good state of origin thing there, but that luncheon is at the Stanthorpe Civic Centre, 25 dollars you can see Billy Moore and that’s the Mayoral Leadership Lunch.
Thursday the 21st here in Toowoomba, Opinion Trivia is at Bar Wunder from seven o’clock. Have you played Opinion Trivia?

McCarthy-Wood: No. You’re going to need to explain that one.

Daryl Nicholson: Mate, they’ve got a laptop and then what you do, you get an app on your phone, you link up with their laptop. They ask a question and you give your opinion, and then they go through and look for the best three opinions and then you debate why your opinion is the correct one. It’s a really fun night and I’ve only been once, but-

McCarthy-Wood: That sounds awesome.

Daryl Nicholson: It is, it’s a different sort of a trivia night. That’s at Bar Wunder, and a dog-friendly bar as well. They do a lot of work with dog rescues and that sort of thing as well.
There’s a funny thing at the Repertory Theatre, someone sent this through to me, so I our messages are getting after that we’re here for people.

McCarthy-Wood: That’s awesome.

Daryl Nicholson: It’s the Toowoomba Repertory Theatre on Thursday the 21st, there’s a play on then. I’m just getting it up on my laptop again. It’s called Ding Dong! with Marc Camoletti. It’s $20 a ticket and it’s a story of a man who finds out his wife is having an affair with another man. What he does, he finds the man, he threatens him. He gently threatens him and says fix this situation otherwise I’m going to have an affair with your wife or I’m going to kill you. I’m giving you one of those two options. So look, it’s a bit of a comedy, Ding Dong! with Marc Camoletti, at the Toowoomba Repertory Theatre, that’s on Thursday the 21st, sounds like a good one.
Saturday the 23rd, Off The Record are playing at the Norville Hotel. That’s a great iconic pub too as well. Don Duffus, he’s pretty well renowned with WIN TV and 1045A, he’s a good singer as well. He’s teamed up with James Royal from London. James was big in the sixties in London, sixties and seventies. He now calls Toowoomba home. They’ve got a little duo called Off The Record, so they’re performing at the Norville Hotel at 7:30 PM on Saturday.
And up at the George Banks at eight o’clock on the same night, Shane Finney Duo are playing up there. I’m going to see if I can sneak up there and have a look at those guys as well.
So mate, that’s what’s happening this week and as I say, a lot happened and again, a big shout out to the Granite Belt Water Relief. I’ve got goosebumps just thinking about it. Amazing work. But that’s what’s happening in the Toowoomba and Stanthorpe region.

McCarthy-Wood: Thank you Daryl Nicholson for your time. If you are in the Toowoomba or Stanthorpe regions and have a community event coming up, let Daryl know by going to the TrueAU.NEWS website or send them him a text, or go to his Facebook pages. There’s a whole lot of ways that you can get in contact with him. Put your details into the contact form, if you do head to the website, we’ll pass that information onto Daryl and he is the Toowoomba advocate, your tagline, Daryl?

Daryl Nicholson: For Toowoomba 4358TV and Stanthorpe 4380TV, more than just a postcode, it’s all about community.