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McCarthy-Wood: Welcome to What’s On in Toowoomba and Stanthorpe TrueAU.news weekly podcast with Toowoomba advocate Daryl Nicholson who owns and runs Toowoomba 4350 TV and Stanthorpe 4380 TV. My name is Andrew McCarthy. We thank you for your company. This community podcast is brought to you by Leading Engagement Solutions. If you have any group organisation or business, engagement is so much more effective than just marketing, so find out how Leading Engagement Solutions can get you much better and more effective results. Give Claire a call on 0401-439-612 or pop your inquiry into the contact form on the TrueAU.news website. We’ll pass it onto her.
So Daryl, mate, we had a really quick chat just before we went live on this, and it sounds like you’ve had a whole lot going on. What’s been happening across Toowoomba and Stanthorpe?

Daryl Nicholson: Mate, just before we start, you are in the Morton Bay region at the moment. I’m in the Southern downs region at Stanthorpe.

McCarthy-Wood: That’s it. Technology.

Daryl Nicholson: Technology. But I was looking at a Facebook page just before we went online. The Winner is Sydney is a Facebook page, and they were talking about … There was black and white footage of 1966 when [2SN 00:01:08] decided to put helicopters up in the sky to aid for traffic flow. And I just look at that technology then to what we’ve got now and they were pretty smart back then to utilise that with a helicopter pilot could ring in and say where all the roads were blocked so people could make different … But check that out. The Winner is Sydney on Facebook, and there’s that black and white video there. The technology is beautiful now, isn’t it? Just great.

McCarthy-Wood: Mate, and it advances so quickly. I know. This time of the year, you’re starting to reflect on the year that was, and then also look to the year that’s to be. And I know quite a few of the people that I talk done that, because we’re in the whole media broadcast digital age and we start talking about, “Wow! Look at what came out this year. What did we think is going to come out last year?” And I remember having that conversation at the end of last year, and just some of the technological advances just in this one year have absolutely blown us away. So no doubt, next year, Daryl, I don’t know how we’ll be doing the podcast, mate. There might be a whole new-

Daryl Nicholson: I do not know.

McCarthy-Wood: Yeah. Whole new range of technology to do all of that. Yeah.

Daryl Nicholson: Could be incredible. Mate, what’s happened through the week? Big news. I am a big fan … And I make no secret of this. I’m a big fan of the Wagners. They won a defamation case against Channel Nine Network and 60 Minutes. $3.7 million awarded to them. When I posted that, a lot of people said Wagner should give that money to charity. I’m like, “Well, maybe there was some damage to their business.” But look, a great result there for the Wagners and I know they were really hurt by that story that came out from Channel Nine, but they’re doing some great work in our community.

McCarthy-Wood: And Daryl, you’ve said that. We’ve had these conversations a few times and Wagners have come up. And you being in and around Toowoomba and having a bit to do with the Wagners either directly or indirectly, you see some of the things that they actually do in the community and you’ve spoken about those. And they do a fair bit for tourism.

Daryl Nicholson: Mate, they do. For tourism they’ve got the tourism group. And I went to a function out at the [Well 00:03:06] [Camp 00:03:06] Airport about two months ago, three months ago maybe. John said he doesn’t care where people go in Queensland, in our region, just go somewhere. Whether it’s [Gatton 00:03:15] or Stanthorpe or [Kingaroy 00:03:18]. He just wants people to come and enjoy tourism because there is a lot of tourism in our region. And mate, they give a lot of money for Life Flight. They support sporting organisations in the city with the football and other events, [inaudible 00:03:30]. They’re big advocates for … They give a lot back to the community as well, and when someone like that comments they should give that money to charity, well, they already do. And to build a $200 million airport that’s going to be an international [status 00:03:46] and will connect the world is going to be amazing. So mate, I’m all for the Wagners. Met John, shaken his hand, had a chat to him, and I look forward to catching up again with him soon.
Mate, there’s a big event in March, and it’s the Women of Strength. It’s a fundraiser for the Toowoomba Hospital Foundation. They had it last year at Rumours … This year at Rumours International, so they wanted to re market it for next year. Mate, they opened up the tickets at $160-something each. Sold out in a matter of half an hour.

McCarthy-Wood: Oh, wow.

Daryl Nicholson: It gets bigger as Julie Bishop. So that’s on the 13th of March. Ladies, I’m sorry, it’s sold out. But 650-something women will be at Rumours International on the 13th of March to hear Julie Bishop speak, and I’m looking forward to that one. I’m definitely on the roster that day at Rumours for that.

McCarthy-Wood: That would be very interesting, yeah.

Daryl Nicholson: It will be, mate. It will be. Mate, I rang Pippa Watson. I took a tour of [Millbrook 00:04:39] on Monday, and I did a video which she shared across. Millbrook’s at home where the first Mayor of Toowoomba lived, Mayer [Broome 00:04:46]. Mate, going to auction in a couple of weeks. Lot of work there to do on the house. It is under the … Protected by the heritage listing. There’s a rose garden there that is protected as well. I’ve got an opinion on price. I won’t mention what my opinion on price is, but I know that-

McCarthy-Wood: You’ve got quite the history in real estate.

Daryl Nicholson: I have. I’ve got a history in real estate, and I’ve got my [crosstalk 00:05:09].

McCarthy-Wood: Well, question for you on it. You’ve taken a walk through it. Did you sense the history?

Daryl Nicholson: The history of it’s amazing. It was moved there in 1901. The first mayor of Toowoomba lived there. It was a medical centre. It’s always stayed in the family, and the last lady lives in there. And I was talking to [inaudible 00:05:28] about her on Saturday. I can’t remember her name, but she’s passed and it’s gone on to the public trustee to go to auction now. But the first time it’s going to be released from the family. So [Cougar 00:05:41] was telling me, that Saturday week ago, 97 groups through. So 97 people signed in to the open house, and that forms about 280 people went through that property. I don’t know what the results were for last Saturday just gone, but a fair bit of interest on the property.
Mate, 2020’s looking exciting. The 28th of March. I don’t know what’s happening in your region, but Mayor Paul Antonio has said he is running for mayor, and there’s no better man to do the job.

McCarthy-Wood: He’s re contesting? Yeah, right.

Daryl Nicholson: He’s re contesting. Mate, water is what his priority is. So he’s putting himself out there on the water to fix it and retain water strategies, and make sure we don’t get into this situation again that we’re in. And also, in the southern downs region, Mayor [Tracey 00:06:28] [Dobey 00:06:28] has made those [secret 00:06:29]. She is running for mayor as well for the Stanthorpe Warwick area, the southern downs. And again, water is … Mate, everyone’s talking about water, so I’m guessing that’s probably the same story down your way?

McCarthy-Wood: Look, well, water’s not the biggest thing on the radar because right on the eastern coast there’s some talk now of some restrictions being looked at, because the Queensland water grid now as a whole is starting to show signs of stress. But just on that, up and through those regions that you’re talking about, they’re making water front and centre of their campaigns to re contest.

Daryl Nicholson: Definitely.

McCarthy-Wood: Have you heard any solutions yet?

Daryl Nicholson: Not yet. They’re still putting different ideas together, and I have seen a few little press releases but nothing’s really stuck in my head that is … Pumping water into [Chresbrooke 00:07:24] Dam from Brisbane, and then they’re topping that up. We lost all the power to there last week because of the fires-

McCarthy-Wood: Because of the fires, yeah.

Daryl Nicholson: But then the council engineers and [Energon 00:07:33] Energy have restored all the power there and pumping’s started again. But they had asked people in Toowoomba to be really careful on their water. And speaking about that, between the Chresbrooke Dam, [Coobee 00:07:42], and [Perserverence 00:07:42] Dam, Toowoomba’s water capacity is 33%. We’re back to where we were in 2011, mate, and that cannot happen again.

McCarthy-Wood: And that triggered all sorts of conversation. So leading up to the election in March 2020, this is something that you and I will definitely, for the community, follow this.

Daryl Nicholson: Yep. Definitely. Definitely. Out here in Stanthorpe, Storm King Dam stands at 14%. They’re forecasting the water will last till December 2019, January 2020, depending on the quality of water. Mate, the water coming out of the tap, you can drink that out here. It’s all right. It’s safe to drink. We end up boiling a bit of it, but it’s all okay.
Mate, sad news for Cunningham Highway. It’s still closed, and also can be January 2020 before it opens. I took a drive out. I did a livestream on Saturday … Sunday, sorry. Yesterday. Very quiet on the road to Warwick, mate. Very quiet, the traffic going into Warwick.

McCarthy-Wood: So just off the top of your head, and I know I’m putting you on the spot here, but those road networks for anybody on the coast, we have been in a collaboration encouraging people to continue to go out to places like Warwick and Stanthorpe and just enjoy those towns. You mentioned, Australians, that they have as far as their water networks go, but they really need local … They really need, well, outside tourism. Not local tourism. Outside tourism to come in and spend some money, enjoy the place. They’ll still be able to get water. In fact, the best thing that they can do is buy water from one of the shops in the local towns and that’ll help put some money into that economy, along with everything else that they do. So somebody from the coast, if they want to head out onto the New England highway, checkout Stanthorpe, how would they do it?

Daryl Nicholson: Mate, look, what they’re suggesting is to go through Toowoomba. So around that area it’s really [crosstalk 00:09:26]-

McCarthy-Wood: Beautiful drive anyway, yeah?

Daryl Nicholson: It is. It’s beautiful. And look, if you’re coming up from Brisbane or the Sunshine Coast and that, come up and try the new range, the second range crossing, which is the Toowoomba bypass. But pick it up in [Haliben 00:09:38] and just come out of [Maude 00:09:40] Street in Toowoomba. You don’t have to go all the way through. And then you take a lovely drive through Toowoomba and make your way out on [Ruthran 00:09:47] Street to come out to Warwick and Stanthorpe. Yeah. So that’s the Cunningham Highway. There’s boulders. There’s trees. There’s just a bit of a mess at the moment.
Mate, a friend of mine, Lynnie Smith, she’s out in [Tennafield 00:10:01] way. I was looking at her Facebook page this morning. Tennafield got smashed yesterday. She’s written, “From bushfires to droughts to hail.” And she lots all the gardens around the home last night or yesterday, so flood … Backyard was flooded. Big hail stones. And that’s what life is about in Australia, isn’t it?

McCarthy-Wood: At the moment, yeah.

Daryl Nicholson: From bushfires to drought to hail. And I think they’re certainly talking some rain’s coming our way, Toowoomba on Wednesday, which I hope will be good. So I talked about the quiet road to Warwick, and when I was driving out, mate, I listened to One Day Closer to Rain, a podcast on TrueAU Radio with [Jodi 00:10:36] [Mullet 00:10:36] talking to Cassandra McLaren.

McCarthy-Wood: Yes.

Daryl Nicholson: What an interesting podcast, and I do encourage people to get on and find that podcast on TrueAU Radio and have a listen to Jodi talking to Cassandra. There was some really smart idea that young lady, Cassandra’s putting together for the areas she lives in.

McCarthy-Wood: And as far as podcasts go, that was Jodi’s first podcast.

Daryl Nicholson: Mate, it was brilliant. It was really good.

McCarthy-Wood: So I passed your feedback onto her and she was really, really happy to hear that.

Daryl Nicholson: It’s good. It’s good. Mate, I got out here to Stanthorpe and [Paula 00:11:08] said, “We’re going out to the Happy Valley retreat and [Graniteville 00:11:11] Brewery.” They were having a fundraiser yesterday. It was beer and bratwurst for $15. So you got yourself a scooner of local [granitebelt 00:11:19] beer and you got a bratwurst wrapped up in bread, and onions and sauerkraut and sauce on it, mustard. It was absolutely brilliant. And they gave you a bottle cap. And what you did … Once you went and got the sauces and the sauerkraut and that, you put that bottle cap in there, and that was $3 at the Happy Valley retreat and Graniteville Brewery were giving back to Wildlife Rescue here, and they had a couple of joeys that unfortunately lost their mum in the fires out here just recently. So at least you know $3 out of your 15 went to the wildlife. And mate, beautiful beer. Cold beer. Tasty beer. And the bratwurst was brilliant. But you need to check out the Happy Valley retreat and Graniteville Brewery when you’re up here next. It’s really cool.

McCarthy-Wood: Sounds great. Yeah.

Daryl Nicholson: It is. It is. Mate, Saturday night I had the [Kaye 00:12:05] [Folie 00:12:05] [modelling 00:12:05] [inaudible 00:12:05] and of course at Rumours International. That went off really well. 12 graduates there, then they headed to the [Norville 00:12:11] Hotel. Saw Jimmy Royal, James Royal and Don [Duffets 00:12:14] off the record. Did a bit of a livestream there. They were good. Mate, the Norville Hotel, grand old hotel, been around there for many years in Toowoomba. And I went up to George Banks and the Shane Vinny duo were playing up there, and I got some footage from the rooftop there.
Mate, I’ll just say, I was just a little bit disappointed in George Banks, and I know that the $15 lunches is what I’ll be going back for. I’m not sure if I go back there in the evening again. It was just not my scene there on Saturday nights. But people were enjoying themselves anyhow, but that’s just my opinion.
Just very quickly, Toowoomba birthdays, brought to you by CDD Group, printing with imagination. And if you’re looking for business cards, cartoon graphic design thing [Niel 00:12:53], here’s a list of people, mate. Natasha Cutter is having a birthday. She’s from the Toowoomba Sports Club. [Sharee 00:12:59] Marina Marie O’Brian from [Burnburra 00:13:01] Tavern out at [Oakey 00:13:02]. She’s celebrating a birthday. Mate, Chris the tyre man [Libkey 00:13:06] from Libkey Tyres?

McCarthy-Wood: Yeah.

Daryl Nicholson: He donates back to the community a percentage of every tyre sale back to … He might do the hospice. He might do homeless for a night. He might do Lifeline. I know he donates a car every so often to Lifeline to give to someone with financial need. But Chris is a real advocate. And I remember, the federal member for Toowoomba … The state member for Toowoomba north met Chris at a function and he said he’s never buying his tyres from another company again. He’s going to shop local.
Bobbie [Hawkswell 00:13:35] from Toowoomba Park [inaudible 00:13:36] is having a birthday. [Noline 00:13:37] Lawson from the Toowoomba Sports Club. Peppa Jane, she’s a singer and songwriter. She’s now in Sydney at the moment. She has been overseas. She’s a local girl. She’s having a birthday. Katrina [Toward 00:13:49], she’s a wedding celebrant and she’s having her birthday this week. Keith Webb from the Australian Rules Toowoomba section here. Promotes young people to play Aussie Rules in this city. Happy Birthday, Keith. Kylie Nielsen from Capital Real Estate’s having a birthday. The pastor [Kasey 00:14:06] [Ray 00:14:06] Walton is having his birthday. He’s a pastor at [Glenvale 00:14:10] seventh day [adventist 00:14:10] church. Done a lot of work with [inaudible 00:14:12] homeless for a night and other projects around Toowoomba. Rob Balderson from the Pizza and Pie Company in Margaret Street. Mate, he has the best Thai chicken curry pies, I can tell you. And Melissa [Zinkey 00:14:24] … Melissa Zinkey works with Paul Antonio. She’s at the Toowoomba Regional Council, but happy birthday to Melissa.
Mate, this week, just wrapping up very quickly. The bush Christmas exhibition is on for 2019 at 58 Neil Street next to the Empire Theatre. Over 100 exhibitors there with artisans, craft ware, Christmas gift ideas. It’s on for 10 days. That’s next to the Empire Theatre in the Mason Centre next to the Empire Theatre. I’ve said that three times.
Santa’s coming to town on Thursday, mate. He’s coming to the Toowoomba City Hall. They’re going to light up city hall. So from 4:00, the streets will be closed. Santa will arrive on dusk and then they’ll plug in and turn the lights on for city hall to light up all the Christmas celebrations for Toowoomba this year.
The Handmade Under the Stars Artisans Markets are on at [Cobram 00:15:15] Co. They also start 4:00 on a Thursday in Toowoomba for Thursday night. So there’s a fair bit happening between those three events on Wednesday, Thursday.
Mate, and on Friday, the Toowoomba Business Expo’s on. 10:00 till 4:00 PM at the Clive [Burgoffer 00:15:32] Recreation Centre. Over 170 business people on display. It’s a free expo to go to. They say bring plenty of business cards. You’ll be swapping them. So I’ve got my tickets booked. I’m going out to check it out on Friday to see who’s in business. Haven’t got a stand myself, but I’m just going to go out and see who’s promoting their businesses around the region.
Mate, Constance Hall. Have you heard of Constance Hall?

McCarthy-Wood: No.

Daryl Nicholson: Mate, she is a really out-there woman. She’s been on 60 Minutes. She’s got a family, three kids, a husband, but she’s doing the Queen’s [rides 00:16:08] tour, and it’s coming to Toowoomba to Rumours International on Friday night. It’s sold out. It’s going pretty well. I think it sold about 350 tickets. But she’s giving women the power to embrace themselves and just to be themselves and enjoy what they’re doing with their family and make a mark on what they’re doing. So there was a 60 Minutes story I watched. She’s out there. She’s loud. She’s got colourful hair. She’s on at Friday night at Rumours International.
Mate, the Christmas [belt 00:16:38] Christmas farm is doing harvesting trees this weekend, so you can pick your Christmas tree from there. They open all year, mate, talking Christmas out here at Stanthorpe. So pop out there, bring the kids out there, it’s a great day out as well.
And there’s markets in the main street of Stanthorpe on Saturday as well, and they’re going to be doing markets till Christmas starts. Santa, live entertainments, markets in the main street of Stanthorpe.
Back into Toowoomba, Some Blonde are playing at the Tatts Hotel. She’s a DJ. So she’s coming to Toowoomba. And on Sunday, Steve Hammond who used to own … I believe he owned the regatta and a few other pubs in Brisbane. He’s bought the Stock Exchange Hotel out at Harristown. He’s investing quite a lot of money into there. It’s going to be quite a … It’ll go from a blue collar public bar into up market entertainment. The food’s great out there, I believe. I’m going out there sometime to check it out, but he’s got a guy coming up. [Toughie 00:17:38] is coming up from Brisbane to play. That’s for the Sunday Sessions at the Stock Exchange Hotel with the new owner Steve Hammond, so looking forward to that.
Mate, that’s my wrap. A lot going on. A lot happening.

McCarthy-Wood: Thank you, Daryl Nicholson for your time. If you’re in the Toowoomba or Stanthorpe regions and have a community event coming up, let Daryl know because he does tell the whole world, and you can do that by going to the TrueAU.news website, putting your details into the contact form there and we’ll pass them onto Daryl, the Toowoomba advocate. Also very much heavily behind Stanthorpe. What’s your tagline, mate?

Daryl Nicholson: Mate, 4350 being Toowoomba, 4370 being Warwick, and 4380 being Stanthorpe. More than just postcodes. They’re all about community. Take care.