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Andrew McCarthy: Welcome to What’s On in Toowoomba, TrueAU.news weekly podcast, with Toowoomba advocate, Daryl Nicholson, who owns and runs Toowoomba 4350 T.V. As he puts it, 4-3-5-0-T-V, or O-T-V.

Andrew McCarthy: My name is Andrew McCarthy-Wood. Thank you for your company, and this is a community podcast, and is brought to you by Leading Engagement Solutions. If you have a business group or organisation, engagement is so much more effective than just marketing. To find out how Leading Engagement Solutions can get you, much better and more effective results, give Claire a call on 0401-439-612, or pop your inquiry into the contact form on the TrueAU.news website. And we’ll pass it onto her.

Andrew McCarthy: So, Daryl, how’ve you been going, mate? What’s been happening in Toowoomba?

Daryl Nicholson: Oh, mate, we have just had the most incredible time with Carnival of Flowers, its 70th anniversary, mate. And we just had a ball over the weekend. And look, thank you for coming up, you and Jodie, for coming up and sharing some time, and actually streaming that. The parade, It was just magnificent. Full of colour, and community and multiculturalism.

Andrew McCarthy: Mate, thank you very much for having us as a part of it. You had a stage, which I think, turned out… We looked at all of the footage and everything that surfaced. We had the opportunity to livestream the stage that you were on, and mate, that became quite the influential and heavily-featured stage, at the end of it all, wasn’t it?

Daryl Nicholson: Well, what surprised me… I’ve had that stage for four years, and then, we were coming towards the end of the parade and Kate from the Carnival of Flowers just turned up and said, “Oh, Daryl, Geoff McDonald is going to come on stage.” He’s a councillor, and he’s one of the peak tourism council officers of Toowoomba. “He’s going to come on stage and present the award to the float.” And I’m like, “Wow, we’ve got another opportunity to get another half hour, and get involved in the presentations.” And having Geoff McDonald wrap up with the Honourable Kate Jones, and Anastasia Palaszczuk, I’ll get her name right-

Andrew McCarthy: Yeah.

Daryl Nicholson: … [crosstalk 00:02:02] have such long names.

Andrew McCarthy: Mate, as I mentioned earlier, you are a Toowoomba advocate. How does it feel seeing Toowoomba bustling with people and just the sense of community, while you are standing up there on stage?

Daryl Nicholson: Oh, mate, I just love the hype, and I reckon there were literally 3,000 people around our stage. And they were interacting with us, they were coming up and talking to us, and you could see the engagement from them. And we did some interviews previous to the parade, just that was the time we have done that, normally just do fillers and just promote the carnival. But we actually brought some great scripts from the community leaders up there, and shared their stories of what they are doing in Toowoomba. And I really think the people of Toowoomba really enjoyed that aspect of it as well.

Daryl Nicholson: And I must tell you, mate, I went to the Carnival of Flowers food and wine festival on Sunday, to see Dragon and John Farnham.

Daryl Nicholson: And, people were talking about the interviews. There was one lady in particular that was very popular. The yoga and wellness/fitness lady. Everyone was just talking about her. It was quite amazing. I was blown away. That was-

Andrew McCarthy: That is sensational. And you have been talking about these interviews and the live streaming. If you are listening to this podcast, and you want to see those interviews, just head to Toowoomba 4350 T.V. on Facebook, and Daryl’s got them all laid out there. And, yeah, you have got a heck of a lot of content there now.

Daryl Nicholson: Yeah, certainly have.

Daryl Nicholson: I have been breaking those interviews done. And I have put them on Tracey Collin’s interview. She is raising money for brain cancer, she got really touched with brain cancer, She lost her father, I think. He passed away from it, and she went on tours to raise a lot of money, and try to get some more awareness towards that.

Daryl Nicholson: Jacob Carlyle’s young Toowoomba author, 21 years of age, wrote his first book before he turned 21.

Andrew McCarthy: Yeah, wasn’t he impressive?

Daryl Nicholson: Mate, he talked about change in his book, and the influence of change, and it affects our lives. Very smart kid. But he said, mate, fail, you know. If you’ve got to fail, it is about learning, and if you do fail at something, you just pick yourself back up and get going again. So, a really clever young man.

Daryl Nicholson: And Megan Parish, she wrote a book for kids about what they can do in Toowoomba, and for adults, what they can do in Toowoomba without spending a lot of money. So, it’s the simple things in life in Toowoomba, without paying or blowing your budget. So, really, really good.

Daryl Nicholson: And as you said mate, I’ve broken those interviews down, I am sharing them through this week and [inaudible 00:04:44] I believe next week.

Andrew McCarthy: That is brilliant. Now Daryl, before we talk about what is coming up in Toowoomba, we are going to make this a weekly podcast.

Andrew McCarthy: But for this week, I know that you have been posting a lot on social media in relation to the desperation for rain across the Toowoomba region.

Daryl Nicholson: Yep. Yes.

Daryl Nicholson: Mate, it is so dry here, our dams are under 40%. I have been on the road, driven through your hometown of Warrick and it is desperate out there. That post code 4370. I have got a bit of an association with [inaudible 00:05:19]Corp, and I used to go out there a lot. 10 Years ago. It was green and lush, but mate, [inaudible 00:05:20] dam, they have only got enough water there until September. And the bush fires came about three weeks ago, [inaudible 00:05:20] really rallying to try and fix that water problem. It looks like there is no rain at this stage. But if you are on the road, get through to Warrick and Stanthorpe and it may not have a lot of water but there is a lot of wine out in that region.

Andrew McCarthy: Yeah. Well look, we are taking a look at the seven day weather forecast for the Toowoomba area.

Andrew McCarthy: We are looking at Tuesday, mostly sunny, with all of that in mind is probably not the best news. A maximum of 24, minimum of 10.

Andrew McCarthy: Wednesday, mostly sunny again, maximum of 23, minium of 12.

Andrew McCarthy: Thursday however, it might be good news, showers, maximum of 21, minimum of 13.

Andrew McCarthy: Friday, possible showers, so it is going to be easing off at the very least. Maximum of 24, minimum of 13.

Andrew McCarthy: Then Saturday, mostly sunny, maximum 27, minimum 13.

Andrew McCarthy: Sunday, you are looking at mostly sunny, 27, minimum 13.

Andrew McCarthy: Seven days out you are looking at the Monday, mostly sunny, so, we do not know how accurate that is. Hopefully it is not. It is raining, but a maximum of 26, minimum of 14. But that makes for beautiful days up in Toowoomba for the rest of the Carnival of Flowers, doesn’t it?

Daryl Nicholson: Oh, it certainly will and we will find that it will keep people staying in the city this week being the school holidays. And what I did find last year, people did spend another week as well and we got some from New South Wales[inaudible 00:06:59] this city will be bustling for the next two weeks.

Andrew McCarthy: Now it is not just the Carnival of Flowers is it? You have got a whole heap of stuff happening.

Andrew McCarthy: What have you got on your radar?

Daryl Nicholson: There is one really big project I am talking about. I am heading up there tonight actually.

Daryl Nicholson: Amanda Dalton and the team at Toowoomba Women’s Collective. They have put together a house called, Protea Place for women who have been affected by domestic violence. This is something that is very long overdue in this city.

Daryl Nicholson: We are going up there to have a look at the actual house that[inaudible 00:07:33] they did the media release down there today. Had all the big[inaudible 00:07:42] that gets underway next week. So they will be helping people who, helping women who need help in relation to domestic violence. [inaudible 00:07:46] So that is really exciting place, so that project has been running for six to eight months now, finally they have got some leverage with money.

Daryl Nicholson: So, I am heading up there tonight. I will get some footage on that one as well and interview Amanda and Christine there.[inaudible 00:08:08] Domestic Violence.

Daryl Nicholson: Thursday, Brendan Dolby from Toowoomba.com.au is having his 24th Business Networking Evening. Now this is something really special. He gets all the business leaders together. It is absolutely free to go. We are heading up to [inaudible 00:08:26] Racecourse and we have got Francesca Moy, is going to be speaking. She is a very influential person on Facebook, social media [inaudible 00:08:37] so we are heading up Thursday. Myself, Rob from Instant Security and Neil from CBD Group, printing with imagination who [inaudible 00:08:51] in Toowoomba.

Daryl Nicholson: Also on the 27th through to the 30th, Jondaryan Woolshed is coming alive for Spring Heritage Festival, for those three days, very exciting times out there. If you do not know where it is, it is between [inaudible 00:09:04] just outside of Oakey. The old famous wool shed out there. They are going to have a lot of static displays, craft markets, how to shear, the old buildings, tractors, all the [inaudible 00:09:19]machines, so that will be quite a [inaudible 00:09:19] from the 27th through to the 30th.

Daryl Nicholson: The carnival still keeps going, through this time. From the parks and gardens road there is a supplement in Saturday’s paper which you can still get around the region and you can also get the Toowoomba regional council[inaudible 00:09:36]which highlights the stuff going on around the region as well.

Daryl Nicholson: So there is a fair bit still happening with the carnival and the parks and gardens road. And mate, if we get a bit of rain, that would really lift the edge for those flowers, especially the grass, because, you know the grass is really brown. [inaudible 00:09:56]

Andrew McCarthy: And that is it, isn’t it?. There has been some fantastic work done to bring the flowers to life. But gee, that grass around Toowoomba is a bit of a struggle at the moment isn’t it?

Daryl Nicholson: Yeah.

Daryl Nicholson: It was really dusty, through the mine at Queen’s Pass was [inaudible 00:10:10]and all the fruit and a lot of dust. It would have been nice to get a bit more rain to settle that down. But anyhow,-[crosstalk 00:10:19]

Andrew McCarthy: And you do.

Andrew McCarthy: Well you say anyhow, and you have also been a real advocate for these towns including Toowoomba, but more so Stanthorpe, I know you have been doing a fair bit of work in that area, but with the lack of rain and the tightening of water supplies and all of that sort of stuff, do not shy away from visiting these towns, do not put further stress on their water networks, but put some money into their economy, the frigging need it.

Daryl Nicholson: Definitely mate. You know, do not just help Toowoomba. Because, when the fire went through Stanthorpe, 3 Friday’s ago, Toowoomba was really busy Saturday because the power was shut off to Stanthorope for like, 24 to 27 hours, so a lot of people came in the day, to Warrick and into Toowoomba and spent money in our region. Which they do not have a lot of, so we need to do the reverse and help those people out there as well.

Daryl Nicholson: Jump in the car and [inaudible 00:11:15]down there, have lunch, coffee, go to a winery. The wineries really need [inaudible 00:11:24]

Andrew McCarthy: Yeah. Absolutely mate. Let’s just say, there is no shortage of wine at the moment. Mate, what else is happening?

Daryl Nicholson: Okay. Getting into, because this month is nearly over now, with going on there. In October, I just want to talk about a quick couple of things.

Daryl Nicholson: October the 5th is Stanthorpe Bush Fire Community day. The showgrounds at Stanthorpe from 10am until 10pm. So, that is going to be a great day with all of the community getting together and recognising the fire fighters.

Daryl Nicholson: But also, this Saturday coming up. There is a big concert. James Blundell is putting on a concert out there as well.

Andrew McCarthy: Yeah. Right.

Daryl Nicholson: And he is on for 2 hours. I think he is doing a concert. He is getting all the communities together as well. So that is all happening on this Saturday. And even the Ipswich radio station, river949 are heading out there to do a live broadcast. So, it is going to be a big event at Stanthorpe. So, I can not unfortunately get out there this Saturday but, if you are around the region, that time this Saturday at Stanthorpe.

Daryl Nicholson: This Saturday in Toowoomba, the Toowoomba Farmer’s Market. And the collaboration of getting fresh produce growers, people with beef, chicken turkey, even seafood. They all get together under the windmills at Cobb and Co. You have been to that Cobb and co store, that store is beautiful.

Andrew McCarthy: Yeah. Absolutely.

Daryl Nicholson: They set up the tents there and the market is getting more stronger in fresh fruit and vegetables. Angelo is there with his pasta and his sauce. All fresh pasta that he makes. There is [inaudible 00:13:00]she has got her beautiful geranimums and all the flowers there. Food for the pantry, budgee garlic, fruit and veg, there is poultry, there is beef, there is even turkey. [inaudible 00:13:14]is there with his surfing products. So if you are in Toowoomba, go and check out the Toowoomba Farmer’s Market this Saturday.

Daryl Nicholson: On Sunday the Ipswich [inaudible 00:13:25]Markets starts going as well. It has been going for 35 years, Andrew.

Andrew McCarthy: Wow.

Daryl Nicholson: Every Sunday. Rain, hail or shine they still go ahead.

Andrew McCarthy: That is commitment.

Daryl Nicholson: [inaudible 00:13:40]the police citizens youth club.

Daryl Nicholson: So we are getting into, something I really want to highlight is on the 5th of October. Gina Jeffery.

Andrew McCarthy: Now, I know you are excited about this because, during the Toowoomba Carnival of Flowers, off the stage you were, sort of talking about that coming up

Daryl Nicholson: Yeah. She is coming back. She was here last year. I grabbed an interview with her. I went to school with Gina. Many, many years ago. Back in the 80’s. She is coming back, this time she is doing a concert called Abbey Road to Empire at Nam. It is all Beatles music. It is going to be at [inaudible 00:14:25]theatre, it is a matinee show, that will kick off at 12-1 o’clock, and they are going to be finished by 5 O’clock because, it is the NRL Grand final that day. So we want to make sure everyone gets home and watch that, that is going to be crazy.

Daryl Nicholson: Mate, there is even a band called Project 52. Young guys they are sort of grunge, high powered music, they are even going to sing three Beatles songs. [inaudible 00:14:47]

Daryl Nicholson: Mate, Ben Felton is coming to town in October. You know who Ben Felton is?

Andrew McCarthy: No, you will have to explain that one to me.

Daryl Nicholson: Well mate, he has got the Guinness Book of World Records for riding a motor cycle across the salt plains at an average speed of 276 kilometres an hour. He is blind. He has no vision.

Andrew McCarthy: He is blind? And he broke a speed record?

Daryl Nicholson: He broke the land speed record on a two wheeled motor bike. A powerful motor bike. With the assistance of Kevin McGee. Or they call him Magoo. Isn’t it funny. He had Magoo’s eyes with him? From the old cartoons. And again, that is on my page.

Daryl Nicholson: Mate, I also have a YouTube channel as well. It is called Toowoomba[inaudible 00:15:38] I back stuff up on YouTube, [inaudible 00:15:42] which is not a lot of people, but if you go with Toowoomba 58TV it is on YouTube, you can find that Ben Feldman interview as well. Average speed is 276 kilometres an hour. He flies, with Magoo as guidance.

Daryl Nicholson: Yeah mate, lots happening here and October is going to be as busy as what Carnival of Flowers has been.

Andrew McCarthy: Yeah, absolutely. You are going to be right up against Christmas at this rate.

Daryl Nicholson: Yeah mate. Well November is going to be school formals. It is quite an event for Toowoomba and I know other cities around the region is getting into the formal atmosphere as well.

Daryl Nicholson: That is really huge when the cars are coming down the main street. Everyone just sees all these cars come out of the woodwork.

Daryl Nicholson: Mate, something close to my heart on the 26th of October, is Hike for the Homeless, and the reason why we are talking about all this now is to raise the awareness of the homeless problem in Toowoomba. There is about 400 people that are homeless in [inaudible 00:16:49]they are on the street, [inaudible 00:16:55] maybe sharing a place with someone for a while you know, so, just to pay service they serve a hot meal to people [inaudible 00:17:05].

Daryl Nicholson: It has been proven, if you give people a hot meal through out the day, that are a little bit unfortunate or you know, they are struggling to stop crime rate, crime rate is a real issue. So they serve, open the soup kitchen [inaudible 00:17:21]down on the street in August and we raised [inaudible 00:17:28]budget.

Andrew McCarthy: Mate, we are just losing you a little bit, if you can line up that microphone.

Daryl Nicholson: Yep, how is that? Is that better?

Andrew McCarthy: Yeah, so you were saying that, I think effectively you are saying that if a community steps up to the plate.

Daryl Nicholson: Oh mate, definitely. If they definitely do step up up to the plate when called upon and it just makes services project definitely proved that in [inaudible 00:17:56]

Daryl Nicholson: The Hike for Homeless is on the 26th [inaudible 00:17:59]a 2 kilometre walk and a 5 kilometre walk[inaudible 00:18:04]that is a really big project coming up as well.

Daryl Nicholson: There is a lot going on. There is heaps of things. I could go on for days.

Daryl Nicholson: One thing I want to mention, is really a great big project is [inaudible 00:18:20]Rotary Edge of Toowoomba and Gay Hole is involved in this project, she is from Jazzy lane hair dressers. Project school formal is recycling, school formal dresses and boys suits and getting them to people and kids in year 12 that can not afford. They just find it a little bit tough. Some kids do not go to the formals because they cannot afford it. They can not [inaudible 00:18:47]

Andrew McCarthy: So to miss out on that milestone of their heading towards graduation, they are going to start the next chapter of their life, but they miss out on the formal because, they are concerned that they may not be as presented as well as they might need to be compared to their peers. So rather than turn up with out the suit on or the outfit or the dress, they just do not do it.

Daryl Nicholson: They just do not go. That is right.

Daryl Nicholson: Gay is holding around 200 dresses and a couple of hundred suits for boys. Mate, this project is just not Toowoomba, it has gone out to Dalby, it has gone to Chinchilla. They are even trucking school formal dresses out to Mt Isa. So Gay has said to me, “Daryl, can you help me get the word out, we are just going to help our Queensland.” They have got a transport company, they will transport those [inaudible 00:19:40]

Daryl Nicholson: All they need to do is contact, Project School Formal on Facebook [inaudible 00:19:54]

Andrew McCarthy: Yeah, wow. That is brilliant. Look, thank you Daryl. We are going to make this a weekly thing.

Andrew McCarthy: So you are going to have events from week to week that you are going to be talking about and sharing with the community so, really the best thing is, is that anybody in the Toowoomba region, that has an event coming up or something that is really interesting relating to the community, let Daryl know.

Andrew McCarthy: It is really easy for you to do that, just head to TrueAu.news the website, so it is a URL, stick it in your browser and you will see it all come up and head towards the contact form, put all your details into there and then we will pass them on to Daryl. Now Daryl is the Toowoomba advocate.

Andrew McCarthy: Daryl thank you very much for your time.

Daryl Nicholson: Oh mate, really appreciate the opportunity to spread the word about this beautiful city and this beautiful region.

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